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The 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute at 

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Dear Camp Counselors and friends,

Are you waiting for information on OLI Part #II - "Oregon State University - Oregon 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute.” Please do not wait any longer. As mentioned before. Scholarships are limited and will be provided to the fist 40 camp counselors that submit the application first. Make sure that you complete the application. 

Oregon State University

4-H Outreach Leadership Institute &

4-H Youth Voice in Governance Conference

 “Developing the Leaders of Today”

The Oregon 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute and the 4-H Youth Voice in Governance Conference have jointed efforts to create a bigger and better event. Please pay attention to the information below to make sure you follow the correct steps for registration and scholarships. In 4-H, we strive to motivate students to become successful and contributing members of the community and society.


Date: Sunday, March 20 through Wednesday March 23, 2016. Check-in Starts at 1:30, Program Begins at 3:00. Register Now 

Where: Salem Grand Hotel & Convention Center, 201 Liberty Street, Salem, OR 97301. Find directions: http://grandhotelsalem.com/about-grand-salem/location/

Who is eligible to attend the conference? Any student 13 to 19 year old students from any cultural background and anywhere in the United States. Register Now


Cost:For just $160, you will enjoy 4 days/3 nights at the Salem Grand Hotel & Convention Center at the State Capitol. Youth and adults will have fun and hone their leadership skills, practice public speaking, meet legislators and state agency representatives, work in teams, be challenged to think about issues that affect Oregon, and use your voice often!


Who is eligible for the “OLI Scholarship” to attend this conference?NOTE: Any high school student who has been camp Counselor at the 4-H International Summer Camps in Oregon in at least one camp in 2012, 2013, 3014, or 2015. When applying, make sure you enter the “oli16” code. 


College students and high school students with strong leadership skills: We are also looking for high school and college students to serve as facilitators. They need to complete a different application and go through an interview process to be selected. Facilitators serve as staff, group leaders and role models for the rest of the students attending the conference. If you enjoy learning and helping others, please complete the Facilitator’s Application Facilitator Application or contact us at the information below.

Contact Our 4-H Outreach Team at Oregon State University: Email: 4h.outreach@oregonstate.edu Office Phone: (541) 737-8798

 Mario Magaña Álvarez (Institute Director): mario.magana@oregonstate.edu

 Office: (541) 737-0925 Fax: 541-737-0999 Web http://extension.oregonstate.edu/4h-outreach 

Dates of the Institutes for High School Students and Volunteers:

November 2015: Part1 "College Preparation"
March 20-23, 2016: Part II "Leadership Development" (Registration open!)
May 2016: Part III "Career Exploration"
August 2016 Summer 2016: "Community Service"

Registration for Part II (now open click on the link below)

What is 4-H OLI?

An Introduction
Oregon's underserved youth significantly lag behind their peers in academic achievement. Latinos in particular have an abnormally high dropout rate.  While there are a number of reasons for the achievement gap, several contributing factors identified by the literature and the Oregon 4-H staff is that these youth have limited:

  • Understanding about the k-12 and postsecondary educational systems
  • Knowledge of future career options
  • Support to learn, prepare for and apply for college
  • Educated parents
  • Opportunities to participate in educational activities outside of school (after school programs / summer camps / conferences)
  • Resources to pay for extracurricular activities
  • Opportunities to participate in play roles in schools and community
  • Access to educators, leaders, role models, mentors, and other resources
  • Lack of role model teachers, counselors, mentors in schools from the same cultural background

Therefore, the idea of creating the Oregon 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute (OLI) was born to address these issues mentioned above. The Oregon 4-H Outreach Underserved Populations Project, seeks to resolve the issues by identifying, engaging, and motivating high school students to participate in the Oregon 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute.

Through this project, students will acquire knowledge about the postsecondary educational system; develop the skills, confidence, and courage needed to get good grades and finish high school; acquire knowledge and skills to apply for postsecondary education and scholarships; and realize the possibility to become a professional and contributing member of society. Students participating in this project will participate in hands-on educational workshops, activities, presentations, and meet college students and professional role models from different cultural backgrounds. Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to meet college students and professionals from different academic backgrounds.

One programming approach used to accomplish this project is the “Oregon 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute” through a series of four overnight-weekend events that constitutes workshops and presentations from professional educators. These series of events were tailored for high school students to develop knowledge about the postsecondary educational system and the confidence and skills to apply for college and scholarships. To develop the set of skills and the knowledge needed to advance to the next level, students will be participating in different hands-on workshops and presentations where they will:

  • Learn the benefits and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete a college application
  • Learn college admission requirements
  • Know that college is possible and affordable
  • Learn about choosing a major, college or university
  • Write a personal biography, college admission’s essay, and résumé
  • Learn about college and career exploration opportunities
  • Be aware of internships and summer jobs
  • Learn about current topics affecting underserved populations
  • Learn about student involvement in college (example: student organizations, fraternities/sororities, athletics)
  • Be aware about the importance and benefits of community service
  • Learn and teach games, songs, skits, and activities
  • Serve as camp counselors for the 4-H International summer camps
  • Develop leadership skills serving as camp counselors, leaders, and mentors and take leadership roles in school and their community

If you have any questions please contact us at 4h.outreach@oregonstate.edu or call us at 541-737-0925

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