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Oregon 4-H International Summer Camps

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Natural Resources, Engineering, Science, Health, Technology, Health, Nutrition, Education, Sports, College Preparation, Cultural Identity, and  Leadership Skills. 

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Flyer - Volante 


  • Migrant Middle School

Registration packet for middle school students who have finished 6th, 7th or 8th grade del August 2-6, 2016. (Only for students from the Oregon Migrant Program)

  • Multicultural/Diverse Middle School

Registration packet for middle school students who have finished 6th, 7th or 8th grade. From August 9-13, 2016. Multicultural/Diverse Summer Camp

What to bring and directionsform to the 4-H Center (for Campers only)

  • Multicultural/Diverse Middle School


Formulario de registración para studiantes de secundaria quienes hayan terminado el 6º, 7º ó 8º grado: Campamento Multicultural y Diversidad

Que traer al Campamento:

Información de Llegada y Partida, Qué Traer al Campamento y Mapa con Direcciones (Sólo para Campistas)

  • Formulario de registración para studiantes de secundaria quienes hayan terminado el 6º, 7º ó 8º grado: Campamento Migrante (Solo para estudiantes del Prgrama Migrante del Estado de Oregon.

The overnight 24-hour-a-day International Summer Camp is designed for Latino and underserved population youth in grades 3-8. It focuses on helping youth improve academic skills, develop leadership skills, and participate in healthy physical activities.

We designed the International Summer Camp to encourage and support Latino and underserved students to stay in school. The Camp creates an opportunity for youth to explore educational options and guides them to career opportunities at community colleges and universities. By participating in the Camp, youth experience different environments, learn new things, learn about post-secondary education and ways to fund it, and enjoy fun and challenging activities. Most importantly, the Camp enables youth to interact with university students and professionals.


We designed the Camp as an exciting mix of educational and physically challenging competitions. Building on experiences from 4 years of successful camps, we anticipate the July 2008 Camp will attract 250 participants to the Oregon 4-H Conference and Education Center near Salem. The forested setting of the 4-H Center provides the location for study and competition.

We base the math and science activities primarily on forestry and environmental science topics. Participants learn while having fun!

Our main activities focus on:

  • Technology (Lego Robotics, GPS, and Microscopes),
  • Environmental science,and
  • Natural resources (forestry, water quality, wildlife, agriculture).

Our other activities include:

  • General math and
  • Science skills,
  • History,
  • Healthy lifestyles, and
  • Attending college

Campers also participate in swimming, canoeing, volleyball, soccer, and archery.

Camp participants are middle- and high-school aged Latino students from throughout Oregon. Campers want to learn about a college education, want to know more about technology, want to acquire leadership skills, and/or want an outdoor experience. Our teaching mentors include university students, and professionals from both the private sector and colleges and universities. Several OSU Extension county-based faculty provide support during the Camp and encourage Latino youth from their communities to participate.




Activities help campers:Friends

  • Increase skills in forestry, environmental science, natural resources, and water quality by measuring and identifying trees, and using GPS to map a forest and make maps.
  • Become familiar with technology and applications by using microscopes, building Lego robots, and recording podcasts.
  • Participate in workshops and group activities to gain information that will prepare them for the future (and for sharing with their friends and family).
  • Compete in physical activities such as swimming, canoeing, volleyball, soccer, hiking, and archery. Camp participants may be asked to bring equipment and so they are physically and mentally prepared for the activities.

The Camp combines support from the Oregon 4-H Youth program, Oregon Forest Resources Institute, State Farm Insurance, public schools, non-profit organizations, private businesses, the Oregon 4-H Conference and Education Center, and a group of dedicated OSU Extension Service faculty and staff.

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