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Oregon 4-H  Offices

4-H Wildlife Stewards Beyond Oregon

The Oregon 4-H Wildlife Stewards program is open to schools and volunteers across the country and the world.

There are four ways to get involved with 4-H Wildlife Stewards. 

  1. Contact your local 4-H office and find out how you can help bring this program to your area.  4-H and Extension staff should contact Maureen Hosty for more information.
  2. Register to participate in the next online training.  You will receive a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Handbook, Project Certification book, training videos, and other educational resources to help you get started.  Once you complete the training you will join a growing community of adult volunteers, community partners and teachers who are bringing science and nature together one-step at a time.  Ongoing resources and support are available through web-based curriculum, trainings and updates.
  3. Register your as a member school online and each youth who participates will receive a 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Certificate of Achievement. Note:  All 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member schools must have at least one trained (including online training) teacher or volunteer before they can be enrolled as a 4-H Wildlife Steward Member School.  4-H Wildlife Stewards Member schools receive discounts for curriculum, Garden signage, and other resources.
  4. Enroll as a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member and access the online resources and join the 4-H Wildlife Stewards online community.

4-H and Extension Staff and Volunteers

The Oregon 4-H Wildlife Stewards staff provides support for 4-H and Extension Faculty who are interested in bringing this program to their local communiy.  Oregon 4-H Wildlife Stewards Staff provides the following resources and support for nominal fees:

  • State or regional 4-H Wildlife Stewards train the trainer workshops  (3-5 day workshop)
  • In-State 4-H Wildlife Stewards Teacher/Leader Trainings (3-day training)
  • On-going support and consultations via phone, teleconference and other interactive media
  • State specific 4-H Wildlife Stewards Website
  • Discount registrations for participating in Oregon 4-H Wildlife Stewards workshops and trainings
  • Discount fees for curriculum and resource materials

The Oregon 4- Wildlife Stewards program provides high quality curriculum, resources, and materials that can easily be adapted and revised to fit your state and local needs.  Some of these resources include:

    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards Trainers Guide (a 237 page step by step guide with handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and lessons for delivering a 4-H Wildlife Stewards training in your area)
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteer Handbook
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards Project Certification Handbook
    • 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Journal
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards Habitat Education Site Toolkit Video series (11 training videos)
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards School Habitat Signs (for placing in school gardens)
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards promotional brochures template (which can be easily adapted for local contact information)
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards classroom curriculum lessons
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards t-shirts
    • 4-H Wildlife Stewards Certificate of Completion
    • 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Certificate of Achievement (for youth members)
    • and much more

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