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Multnomah 4-H After School Clubs Outreach Campaign

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Young people don't just join 4-H... they belong

In 4-H, youth partner with caring adults and their peers to develop life skills while they explore the subject areas that excite and inspire them. Whether children are interested in learning to garden and raise backyard chickens or in building rockets and exploring the realms of science... there is truly something for everyone. For a full list of projects available to 4-H members here in Oregon, see the project section of the State 4-H website.


The 4-H year runs October 1 - September 30th. Interested in starting a 4-H club? Right now is the perfect time to get started! Please see below for contact information. Are you interested in learning more about 4-H opportunities for your child? See our frequently asked questions, or fill out our online form and we will be in touch with you soon!

The Multnomah 4-H Program is looking to help create revolutionary ideas here in our unique county and this starts with great adult leaders. This fall 4-H is focusing 4 main themes:


  • Fabric & Fiber Arts: Sewing, Knitting and Crochet
  • Farms and Gardens: Planting, Growing & Harvesting
  • Foodies 101: Cooking, Preserving, and Baking
  • Fur, and Feathers: Small Animal Husbandry

With the rise in awareness and enthusiasm for farms, fiber, food and animals 4-H is excited to offer curriculum for folks interested in being a part of the DIY (Do It Yourself Movement). The 4-H slogan, learn by doing, means club leaders do not have to be experts, but simply willing to learn through the provided curriculum.

Tolearn more about how to start a 4-H club for youth in your community keep reading!

Interested in volunteering?
4-H is always accepting volunteer applications!


As a 4-H volunteer, you can choose your involvement level; club leaders and after-school leaders may meet once a month with youth, whereas volunteering at a day camp may only require a 1-week commitment, the possibilities are endless. To learn more visit our Volunteer Opportunities or contact the 4-H help desk at 503-657-7385.


Get Started!


Please contact us by email or phone (503-657-7385) so that we can help get you started on your paperwork.


4-H New Leader Application Packet (available now)


The processing of each volunteer application takes several weeks due to background and reference checks. This wait time is a good opportunity to attend the required New Volunteer Training and to complete the required e-Learning Modules.


Sign up for one of our Upcoming Leader Trainings


  1. Contact us about our list of upcoming new leader trainings
  2. Register now for a 4-H New Leader Training and/or complete the online traning

e-Learning Modules

To access 4-H Volunteer e-Learning, go to http://4h.wsu.edu/volunteertraining


  1. Go to the left panel and click on the box "4-H Volunteer e-Learning Course."
  2. Complete the four boxes:
    a. First Name
    b. Last Name
    c. State (choose from the drop down menu)
    d. Type in password (VOLUNTEER)
  3. Click on "About 4-H" to begin learning in the first of the four e-Learning Modules.
    At the completion of each module, when you click submit, you will receive an email to announce the completion of that module. (If you close or log out without pushing submit, there will be no record of your learning). When the Certificate of Completion is on the screen, you may enter the appropriate County Name, and click the submit button, and print that certificate for your records. A staff member at the State 4-H Office and your local County Extension office will receive the notification that you have completed a specific e-Learning Module.

Overview of Volunteer e-Learning Modules


About 4-H provides information about the purpose, mission, philosophy of 4-H; connection to Land-Grant Universities; and other valuable partners and resources.


Positive Youth Development helps us understand the essential elements of the 4-H education program and ways to support positive development for youth in 4-H settings.


Getting Started in 4-H helps us learn about conducting meetings, understanding after-school programs, and other ways to participate in 4-H.
Leadership and Teaching suggests ways to facilitate "experiential" (hands-on) learning in 4-H.


Each module involves interactive learning and requires 15-20+ minutes to complete, depending on the amount of 4-H or youth development experience the learner has.




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