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Support your schools and your community – Become a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Sponsor!

In these difficult economic times, now more than ever, our schools and communities need the support of community organizations, businesses and individuals. Through the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program you can help support the efforts of hundreds of dedicated 4-H Wildlife Stewards and teachers who are “Bringing Science and Nature Together One School at a Time.”

Our 4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteers and 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member Schools have committed to help improve science literacy among youth by creating, using and sustaining Habitat Education Sites on school grounds. These Habitat Education Sites become outdoor learning laboratories for helping students learn about our natural world. Habitat Education Sites can range anywhere from a small butterfly garden to large acres of habitat. Undertaking these projects is a large commitment by our volunteers and schools and they cannot do it alone.

There are several ways businesses, organizations, and individuals can become a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Sponsor and support these worthwhile programs.

  • Provide native plants and/or soil amendments at free or reduced costs
  • Share an expertise or special skill such as wildlife biology or landscape design with students, teachers and 4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteers through free consultations and/or classroom presentations
  • Companies and businesses can provide 2 hours release time for their employees to volunteer at a local 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School
  • Provide the snacks and beverages for a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School Saturday Work Party
  • Provide free or discounted tools and equipment for creating and maintaining the Habitat Education Site
  • Sponsor a Habitat Education Site art contest or essay contest for students and award the winning school a cash prize
  • Help promote the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program in your company, organization, or neighborhood association newsletter to encourage and recruit more people to become a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteer
  • Sponsor a student or group of students to 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Resident Summer Camp

There are countless ways to become a sponsor for the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program. If you are interested in joining the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program as a sponsor, complete the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Sponsor Interest Form. Our 4-H Wildlife Stewards staff will contact you with additional information.


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