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The time has arrived for schools to assess their role in helping to create environmentally sustainable communities through wildlife habitat projects on school grounds. 4-H Wildlife Stewards Habitat sites are a place for students to observe, study, and take action to protect their own environment. Wildlife Habitat sites on school grounds also provide an ecologically and aesthetically improved landscape; the creation of a chemical-free landscape; and a model for environmental rehabilitation and community building.

To learn how your school can develop wildlife habitats on school grounds and at the same time promote practices that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound, the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Project Sustainability Program provides a newsletter, resources, and research based education, that offers timely information on this subject. 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member Schools complete a series of four advancement levels. At each level, training, support, and recognition for school wide efforts are provided by OSU Extension 4-H.


Use the following guidelines for understanding the criteria and expectations of the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School Project Sustainability Program. The goals of this program are:

  • To assist schools to understand the expectations and requirements for creating and sustaining a wildlife habitat on school grounds

  • To reward and recognize schools, teachers, students (Junior 4-H Wildlife Stewards) and 4-H Wildlife Stewards for advancing their school habitat project toward sustainability

  • To create environmentally sustainable communities that promote practices that are socially, environmentally, and economically sound through wildlife habitats on school grounds.

There are four levels in the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School Project Sustainability Program:

Level One: Planning Stage (PDF)
Level Two: Creating Stage (PDF)
Level Three: Sharing and Involving Stage (PDF)
Level Four: Civic Action Stage (PDF)

4-H Wildlife Members schools must meet minimum requirements at each level in order to complete certification. Requirements at each level are given a point value and a minimum point value must be earned for each level of certification. 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member Schools may work towards requirements at more than one level at a time, however, certification for each level must be completed in order.

4-H Member Schools must complete an application for certification for each level. The application will be reviewed by a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Certification Committee. Schools who meet the minimum requirements at each level will be rewarded and recognized.

Training and support for the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program is provided by OSU Extension 4-H. To find out more about this program please contact the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Office at (503) 916-6074 or e-mail us at wildlifestewards@oregonstate.edu.


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