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4-H Wildlife Stewards will be assigned in teams of two to a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School to assist teachers and students in the development and use of wildlife habitats on school grounds. The schools have been screened and approved as partner schools with the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program. A 4-H Wildlife Steward may be asked to:

  • Help map and inventory the wildlife habitat site on school grounds
  • Help students research, select, and order plants and seed for the habitat
  • Work with the landscape architect to help involve students in designing the habitat
  • Assist teachers in presenting lessons and activities in or about the habitat
  • Participate in 4-H Wildlife Stewards Habitat Team meetings
  • Work with students to help them learn gardening skills and gain an appreciation for nature
  • Help students keep portfolios of their work including reading logs and arts and crafts projects, related to the habitat
  • Help document the schoolyard habitat project at their school by keeping journals and taking notes and/or photographs, in order to provide documentation to their school and the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program
  • Keep in contact with and submit biannual reports to the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteer Coordinator
  • And more as needed


  • 4-H Wildlife Stewards training
  • Previous work with children in schools or other meetings as a parent, volunteer, camp counselor, or teacher
  • Willingness to provide support for teachers in a classroom setting
  • Good people skills
  • Interest in gardening, wildlife and/or natural history
  • Well organized and the ability to work in a team setting
  • Active interest in natural resource issues and in helping children and adults contribute to a healthy sustainable environment beginning in their schools and their communities

TERMS: Able to commit a minimum of 50 hours within a one-year period. THIS IS A VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY.


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