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4-HMultnomah County Fair is Back!

creating confident & proud kids...

May 22-25, 2015


Free Admission and Free Parking



Multnomah Fair Book Open Class (4-H Static Exhibits)

2015 Multnomah Fair book coming soon


All youth from Multnomah 4-H schools and clubs are encouraged to come join the fun. There is still time to finish your projects and head down to the fair over Memorial Day Weekend for fun and learning.  Even if you can't come to the fair, you can still submit your project to the fair for judging and awards. Check out all the details below.

What's Happening in 2015


  • The Multnomah 4-H Small Animals Fair is a state qualifying contest this year. 4-H Youth members who participate in the Multnomah 4-H Small Animals Fair will not be eligible for participating in other county 4-H fairs in 2014. 
  • All other project areas (livestock and static exhibits) will be a Pre Fair contests 4-H Members who participate in these projects can still participate in other county fairs and submit the same projects.
  • 4-H Members (grades 4-12) are also eligible to enter their projects in the open class categories in static exhibits and receive premiums from the Multnomah Fair Open class division.
  • Small Animals 4-H Awards and Premiums:  4-H members will receive 4-H ribbons for each exhibit they enter into the fair. Small animal 4-H exhitors also have the opportunity to earn premiums for each of their exhits.
  • Static Project Awards and Premiums:  Each 4-H exhibit will be judged and receive a 4-H ribbon.  However, no 4-H Static exhibit premiums will be awarded since this is not a state fair qualifying contest.  Please note: 4-H members can enter their project in the Youth Open Class Divisions where they will also be judged and awarded ribbons AND the opportunity to win premiums.  4-H members who wish to enter their exhibit in the open class must follow the guidelines of the Multnomah County Fairbook and complete a Multnomah County Exhibit card.


Oaks Amusement Park

7805 SE Oaks Park Way Portland, Or 97202
at the foot of SE Spokane, Sellwood


Bringing Your Animal to Fair

Youth from 4-H clubs and schools are eligible to bring their animal projects to the fair for workshops, activities and judging. Here are a few guidelines for helping you prepare for the fair

  • CHECK IN: Animal Check in is Friday afternoon, May 22nd.
  • VET CHECK: All animals must pass a Vet check by the Veterinarian. Animals should be healthy and have no signs of disease or injury. All animals will be vet checked at check in.
  • MANDATORY HERDSMANSHIP: Youth participants will be asked to help with herdsmanship duties (keeping the animals cages and pens clean) All 4-H exhibitors must participate in herdsmanship and helping keep the pens and stalls cleaned during the duration of the time the animals are at the fair.
  • WHAT TO BRING: 4-H Exhibitors and/or clubs must bring their own buckets, shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes and other necessary equipment for keeping their pens and stalls cleaned.  Pens and shavings will be provided by the fair for the large livestock. Packing List of Supplies to bring with your animals
  • CLUB SIGNAGE: Each club should bring a sign for their club to hang in the animal "barn"
  • CARE OF ANIMALS: Each exhibitor is responsible for the care of his or her exhibit. This includes proper feeding, cleaning, health, and safety practices. All animals are the responsibility of the member until they are removed from the fairgrounds.
  • SMALL ANIMAL CAGES: Small animal cages will be provided but are limited. First priority will be given to those exhibitors who will be staying overnight.  Exhibitors who are coming for just a day should bring their own carry cage.
  • EXHIBIT CARDS: Download and complete an Exhibit card for EACH animal you bring.  These exhibit cards will need to be attached to the cage or pen of each animal.
  • SERVING THE PUBLIC: Youth are encouraged to visit with the public and share information about your animal

Overnight Stays at Oaks Park

4-H Youth and families (especially those with animals) are welcome to camp overnight at Oaks Park for Saturday evening.  Bring your own camping gear. Bathroom facilities (no showers) and security are provided.  Please contact Maureen Hosty if you plan to stay overnight. Bring your musical instruments, campfire stories and games for a 4-H Campfire!



Wednesday, May 20th

Set up for 4-H Animal Exhibit area (all animal exhibitors please come help if available )


Thursday, May 21st

3:00-9:00 pm  Static Exhibit Check In and Judging

                       Finalize Set up for 4-H Animal Exhibit area (all animal exhibitors please come

Friday, May 22nd

3:00-7:00 pm  Animal Check in

                       Finalize Set up for 4-H Animal Exhibit area (all animal exhibitors please come)

evening           4-H campout and 4-H Social at the Fair

Saturday, May 23rd

9:00 am          Small 4-H Animal Check-in

11:30 am        Animal Exhibitors Meeting (all members, parents and leaders)

noon               Multnomah Fair Opens

1:00 pm          Poultry Judging and Showmanship

3:00 pm          Goat Clinic and Demonstrations

7:00 pm          Fair closes to the public

evening           4-H campout and 4-H Social at the Fair

Sunday, May 24th

morning        4-H Animal Herdsmanship

11:30 am      Animal Exhibitors Meeting (all members, parents and leaders)

noon             Multnomah Fair Opens to public

noon             Cloverbuds Sandwich making Contest

1:00 pm        Rabbits and Cavy Judging and Showmanship

7:00 pm        Fair Closes to Public

evening         4-H campout at the Fair

Monday, May 25th

noon             Fair opens to public

12:30 pm      Flower Arranging Contest

1:30 pm        Recycled Art Contest

2:30 pm        4-H Pet Costume Contest

6:00 pm        Begin Break down and clean up 4-H Exhibit areas (all animal exhibitors come help)

6:00 pm        4-H Animal check out and 4-H Exhibit area clean up (all exhibitors)                     7:00 pm        Final Exhibitor check out

Fees and Parking
Free Admission and Free Parking

How to Enter a 4-H Exhibit at the Fair

  • Decide on the project(s) you want to enter. Youth can enter multiple projects
  • Download and Review the Exhibit Guidelines
  • Download and Complete a 4-H Exhibit Card and attach to exhibit
  • Arrange to have your project entered into the Fair on Friday, May 25th from 12-4 pm
  • Participate in many of the fun 4-H activities at the fair
  • Participate in other 4-H activities such as sandwich contest or flower arranging.

Special 4-H Events at the Fair

Check out some of the fun events at the fair. Grab your family and come join us at the fair for these fun activities.  There are family activities, entertainment, animal activities and exhibits.  Plus . . . lots of fun rides for everyone.

Multnomah County Fair Activities

Judging and Evaluation of Projects

The county 4-H Fair is a wonderful opportunity for youth to showcase what they learned and to receive feedback from a judge. Judges have a special interest in young people, and many have knowledge in a particular subject matter area, as a hobby or career. They are selected by paid staff and volunteers for their knowledge and interest in youth. Most are volunteers with some exceptions, such as in the horse project area where professionals are secured.

Having one’s accomplishments evaluated can be motivating and educational for 4-H’ers. When judges critique their work or performance, it serves as a guide to further improvement. The judging process is probably more valuable than the award or recognition. To plan, practice, and present a finished product is to “learn by doing.” To graciously accept constructive criticism of one’s work is a real life experience. 4-H’ers learn quickly that judging results reflect a personal opinion, and that evaluation will vary among judge.

GRADES K-2: Youth projects in grades K-3 will each receive a participation ribbon and feedback from the judges. In addition, comment cards will be available at the exhibit tables for the general public to provide feedback and encouragement to the youth.

GRADES 4-6: Youth projects from grades 4-12 will be judged using the Danish system of Judging. In this system, the judges do not judge one person’s work by comparing it to another’s. The evaluation is made against a standard. A judge looks to see whether requirements are met. A score sheet is used, available from the county 4-H office.

Awards are given for excellent (blue ribbon), very good (red ribbon) and good (white ribbon). One advantage of this system is that everyone whose work fulfills minimum qualification can receive a ribbon. If all entries are judged to be excellent, all receive blue ribbons.

The purpose of using the Danish judging system is to give every 4-H member the recognition deserved for the work that was done. It also helps young people recognize the need to improve their skills and to “make the best better.”

Conference or interview: During the fair, Thursday from 3-8 pm, 4-H members also have the opportunity to participate in a conference or interview with the judge. The judge interviews the participant as he/she evaluates the product against a set of standards. The purpose of this judging is to determine what the 4-H’er learned in completing the project. Comments are provided verbally and also in writing on a score sheet. Come to the 4-H Information Table at the fair to sign up for a conference interview!








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Bringing Your Animal to the Fair


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Fees and Parking


How to Enter a 4-H Exhibit


Special Events at the 4-H Fair


Multnomah Fair Open Class


Judging and Evaluation of Exhibits


Judges Interviews




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