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One of the benefits of a Habitat Education Site is that it provides local community organizations, agencies, and individuals the opportunity to get involved and support schools and children. Community Outreach is an important part of the process for creating, using and sustaining Habitat Education Sites on school grounds.

Community resources and support can go a long way in making your project a reality. Although there are some basic costs involved in establishing a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Habitat Education Site, these can be minimized by tapping the resources in your community. Many of the resources listed here are free or low cost. Be sure, when soliciting donations of materials, money or labor, that you outline what it will take to establish and maintain the Habitat Education site, and that you have an official letter supporting your project. The 4-H Wildlife Stewards office can provide a general letter of support to 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member Schools that can be used for this purpose.

Keep copies of your site map plan and/or photographs of your project and the children. These are good tools to help “sell” your ideas to others. Remember to keep your donors and partners posted on the progress of your project and send them a letter of thanks. A letter of thanks from the students is usually the best idea. You also might consider hosting an end of the year celebration of your project and invite your partners and donors as a way of saying thanks. Finally, publicize your efforts through all levels of your project advancement. Share your story with others at community meetings such as PTA meetings, an article in your school newspaper, press releases to the local media, and pictures on school bulletin board. The more people know the story of your Habitat Education Site, the more people will step forward to provide support.

Education Kits  and Lending Library


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