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All of the following products below are offered through the The American Distance Education Consortium website. Click on a product to obtain more information.






Price for 4-H Member Schools Price for general public
4H Junior Wildlife Stewards Journal

This beautiful 2-color 32-page student journal is an invaluable teaching aid for 4-H club members and students involved in gardening for wildlife. The journal is primarily designed for youth ages 8-12. In this journal youth can keep planting records, science investigation records, water data, wildlife observations, seasonal observations, site maps, calendar of events, leadership activities, drawings, and much more. More info.


$3.00 each or $2.50 for a set of 10 or more $4.00 each
School Wildlife Habitat Toolkit DVD

This 90 minute video series is a must have for teachers, educators, and community volunteers who work at schools to create wildlife habitats on school grounds. The video includes 11 chapters including Principles of Wildlife Management, Mapping and Site Inventory, Vandalism Prevention, Summer Maintenance, Building a Habitat Team, Keys to Success and more. The instructional videos are designed to provide educators with tools and information they will need to enjoy a successful school project. OSU Extension 4-H Wildlife Stewards is a national award winning program that has been successful for the past 12 years at training and supporting volunteers in schools to assist students and teachers create, use, and sustain wildlife habitats on school grounds. (DVD video; VHS also available). More info.



$8.00 $10.00
Native Plant Flashcards:  Gardening for Wildlife These kid-friendly flashcards are great for learning in the field. Each set features 40 garden plants, organized into 4 habitats (wetland, savannah, prairie, and coniferous forest) and includes landscape and design ideas. The beautiful pictures and interesting facts about each plant make this a must have resource for every classroom. $10 each or $7.50 each for an order of 10 or more $12.00 each or $10.00 for an order of 10 or more


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