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A 4-H Wildlife Stewards Student Journal provides many benefits for your students including:

  • Journals are a place for youth to record their observations and activities in the habitat project. They offer students a place to record focused discoveries, which in turn allow students an opportunity to gain an understanding and awareness of their natural surroundings. These discoveries and observations can be both scientific, (data collection and recording) and/or aesthetic, (creative writing and drawing).
  • Journals provide a place for personal growth as the students make comparisons of the changes in the Habitat Education Site and in the progress of their own work.

 Tips for the Student Journal

  • Remember that students need a quiet place to have the best experience with observation of the natural world. Spacing students out along the habitat trail is often an effective way to accomplish this.Identify a special place that the student visits each season and ask them to record the changes they see, hear, smell and touch. Tasting is not a good idea to encourage in the Habitat Education Site.Encourage them to look closely at nature and record what they see with their own eye. Their observation of the very same object may differ from their neighbor.Look for patterns in nature like the bark and leaves of a tree or the temperature each day. Always ask why something happens or is a certain way in nature. For example: What do the animals do when the temperature drops rapidly? Why might they exhibit this behavior? Questions lead to more discoveries.When writing in the journal use descriptive words when talking about objects or behaviors. Study the details such as movements, sounds and patterns. Encourage students to write and draw for themselves. Set aside certain pages that are not “graded” so as not to inhibit creativity. Encourage students to write poetry or short essays.
  • Include the works of students in your 4-H Wildlife Stewards Project Notebook to be shared with the community.

Sample Record Forms

Junior 4-H Wildlife Stewards Student Journals (PDF)

4-H 303LR, 4-H Natural Science Project Records for Leaders (contains all 11 records listed below)

4-H 303LR-a, 4-H Natural Science Project Record
4-H 303LR-b, 4-H Environment Observation Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-c, 4-H Forest Observation Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-d, 4-H Habitat Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-e, 4-H Issue Investigation Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-f, 4-H Marine/Tidal Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-g, 4-H Photo Monitoring Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-h, 4-H Range Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-i, 4-H Soil Observation Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-j, 4-H Water Data Sheet
4-H 303LR-k, 4-H Wildlife Observation Data Sheet
4-H 303LR, cover only


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