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Education Kits and Lending Library

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The 4H Wildlife Stewards Program provides a wealth of print and media resources as well as education kits on loan. Here are just some of the print and media resources available for teachers:


Youth Curriculum and Materials

  • 4H Junior Wildlife Stewards Journal (grades 3-8)
  • Wildlife Species Background Information
  • Pacific Northwest Native Plant Flashcards
  • Student Data Sheets (grades 4-12)
  • Ecology Forest Field Cards (grades 4-6)

Classroom Curriculum

  • Classroom Curriculum for Grades K-3
  • Classroom Curriculum for Grades 4-6
  • Sample Online Lesson Plans

Wildlife Management Guides

  • Common Mammals of Oregon
  • Feed Wild Birds
  • Tips for feeding wild birds (8 pages)
  • Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden
  • Build Nest Boxes for Wild Birds
  • Living with Nuisance Wildlife
  • Reducing Deer Damage
  • Create a Garden Pond
  • Attract Reptiles and Amphibians to your Garden
  • Create a Butterfly Garden
  • Create Roosts for Bats

Useful Tools for Creating Your School Garden

  • Inventorying and Data Collection:
  • How to Map and Make a Working Sketch of Your Site:
  • Design, create and Improve Your Site:
  • Pacific NW Native Plants Functions and Suggested Plants
  • Pacific NW Native Plants by Plant Community
  • Monitoring Your Habitat through Photo Plots:
  • Create a Garden Pond:
  • Watering Tips for Your Garden
  • Tools for Creating Your Wildlife Garden


4-H Wildlife Stewards Habitat Education Site Toolkit

Education Kits and Lending Library







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