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Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom

a multi-media curriculum for grades 4-6


US Fish and Wildlife and OSU Extension 4-H have partnered together to develop a new multi-media curriculum for 4-6 grade students! We are now recruiting teachers and library media specialists to help us pilot this program.

What is a lamprey?

Pacific Lamprey is an amazing and ancient fish that like the Salmon plays an important ecological and cultural role in the Pacific Northwest. Today Pacific Salmon is threatened and USFWS biologists and local Pacific Northwest tribes are working hard to protect this important fish. Like the Salmon, Pacific Lamprey are an anadromous fish and they live in both fresh water and the ocean during their lifetime.

The Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom Project Curriculum

The Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom curriculum helps students meet core standards in science (life cycles, classification, and more) and social sciences.

The program uses a new multi-media platform that supports student learning in a fun and highly engaging way. The curriculum combines text, graphics and video to deliver content in a compelling way that takes advantage of branching and learner-driven choices. Students are able to move through the 6 learning modules at their own pace and in an order that is intuitive to them.

Program Requirements

To participate in this project teachers and school library media specialists will need the following:

  • Each student must have access to a computer or Ipad tablet.
  • Devote 2-3 class sessions (45 minutes) for students to complete the curriculum during the school year (you choose the days and times that work for you!)
  • Each student will be asked to complete an evaluation to assess their learning at the end of the completion of the curriculum.
  • OPTIONAL: Teachers can schedule a visit by a USFWS biologist to conduct a post-curriculum presentation to present certificates of completion to each student and to answer student questions about Pacific Lamprey.

How the Program Works

  • Register online to participate in the program
  • Choose the days and times for your students to log in to the Internet based multi-media curriculum. Any time during the school year will work.
  • Provide students with the Pacific Lamprey website to complete the online curriculum (estimated time to complete the curriculum is 2-3 hours).
  • Have students complete the online evaluation
  • Schedule a visit by USFWS biologists to give a classroom presentation and award certificates of completion to each student.
  • Complete the 4-H Classroom Enrollment Statistical Report

Download curriculum



Lamprey Ibook (revised)

For more Information Contact

Maureen Hosty

OSU Extension 4-H




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