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Oregon 4-H Youth Programs Give Young People Opportunities to Learn, Lead and Help Others

Oregon 4-H Youth programs give young people exciting new learning opportunities delivered in a positive environment that emphasizes leadership development and community involvement experiences. The 4-H Youth Development program offers a broad variety of programs in which youth learn and grow through long-term involvement in clubs and other activities that focus on sustainable living topics like preparing food from local gardens; exploring alternative solar, wind and wave energy; making and repairing clothing; taking care of 'back-yard' chickens; or owning and maintaining a bicycle and more.

The 4-H program also trains adult volunteers who lead 4-H youth programs and projects. For example, Extension in Multnomah County offers a 4-H Wildlife Stewards training program for adult volunteers who then promote science learning and environmental stewardship among youth at area grade schools. 4-H Wildlife Stewards work in partnership with public and private organizations to assist students and teachers to create, use and sustain wildlife habitats on school grounds. The wildlife habitats become living laboratories where students learn about natural resources and wildlife ecology. In 2008 the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program reached more that 7,700 youth in the Metro area.

Oregon youth can get involved in 4-H Wildlife Stewards programs through year round camping opportunities, the urban/rural exchange program, after-school programs or through their school.


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