Baker County Fair

BCF Entries 2013

Directions for Baker County Fair Entries

Entries should be made using the on-line entry system.  We have enclosed a premium book and an entry form to assist you with organizing your entries.  If you need help or do not have access to a computer with internet service, please call our office for assistance.  We will also accept paper copies if needed. Additional copies of the premium book can be picked up at the Extension Service office in Baker City or downloaded off our county website

Online Entries:

  1. Entries Online are open June 27 – July 15, 2013
  2. All entries must be made by: * Club leader or FFA Advisor
  3. For on-line entries go to the Baker County 4-H website:
  4. Click on BCF 2013 (right side of screen), then click on BCF Entries 2013.
  5. Log in as a club (club leaders: your password will be your club number highlighted in green, listed on your club roster, FFA advisors your password is located on upper right hand corner of you packet).
  6. First page that comes up is your directions for entering your members and their classes - Print This Page.
  7. Note: All exhibitors from BCF 2012 are still in the database so you can enter your member’s name, then password of “1".  If they showed last year their name will pop up as well as their address.  Please check to make sure spelling and address are correct. Make changes at this time if needed.
  8. If they are not in the database- enter their first name, last name with a password of “1".  Then enter address. 
  9. Remember to complete the stalling requests at the end of your entries.  Having the correct stalling needs is very important. Be sure to go to the stalling division to request stalls by species class (i.e. Beef) then complete the description box with specific numbers (i.e. 3 stalls for 1 cow/calf pair and 2 heifers).  This stalling summary MUST be completed for each class and species. A limited supply of straw will be available for stalls. We are asking everyone to be a good neighbor and share accordingly.

When entries are completed, print a receipt for your records.

Mail or drop off a copy of the receipt to the Extension Office by July 15th   

Paper Entries:

  1. Fill in the form provided with exhibitor names, class numbers, and fill in the pen request form.

            Mail or drop off completed forms to:

                                            OSU Extension, Baker County
                                            2600 East Street    
                                            Baker City, OR 97814
                                            (541) 523-6418          

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