Classes, Workshops and Tours

The Forestry Program offers a wide variety of classes, seminars, workshops and tours. I also partner extensively with the county chapters of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association to host forestry related meetings and events, which are described below. Some events are designed to meet current issues or needs but we also offer a set of “core” classes that have been developed by the state-wide Forestry Extension Team, which include:

The Basic Forestry Short Course (BFS)

The BFS is designed to provide woodland owners with a broad and thorough overview of many important areas of knowledge needed to achieve their unique goals and objectives. The BFS consists of up to 12 individual modules that are typically offered over a six-week period and class participants receive a large 3-ring binder containing many high quality publications for a reference library at home. Some of the topics included in the BFS are:

  • Management Planning                                    
  • Forest Ecology and Biology
  • Forest Measurements
  • Silviculture
  • Forest Regeneration
  • Forest Insects and Diseases
  • Harvesting and Marketing
  • Assistance Programs
  • Business Management
  • Managing for Wildlife Habitat

Basic Forestry Short Course Online. Titled: "How to Manage Your Forest". Also on this new web page: "New Forest Land Owner" and "Oregon Forest Management Planning"

Website: How to Manage Your Forest
This online Extension program is designed to introduce you to a broad range of fundamental forest management topics that will help you achieve your unique forestland goals and objectives. Through this program, you can now learn these practical, research-based skills and techniques on your own time and at your own schedule.

Our first module is Silviculture, or the art and science of managing forests to achieve your objectives. We recommend you begin by watching the Introductory Video below, then viewing each of the nine Silviculture sections in the order listed.

Next is the Management Practices module which contains eleven more sections, covering a wide array of valuable forest management topics that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Last, we have included a Business Management module where you can learn about Federal and Oregon State taxes and what you can do to minimize their impact on your financial health.


Many woodland owners and others who are just interested in forestry have a hard time finding the time to turn out for a regular face-to-face classroom kind of program so to meet that need, OSU Extension Forestry is adapting the BFS series for online delivery so you can learn according to what best fits your own schedule.


Resource Management Planning (RMP)

A key component to successfully managing your property to reach your goals and objectives is to have a well thought out management plan. Creating a management plan helps landowners to define achievable goals and then chart a management course to realize those goals. Another advantage of having a management plan is many cost share assistance programs require a management plan be in place. And, the process of creating a plan will create a richer understanding and appreciation of your forested property. The RMP consists of twelve modules that help design a good plan and obtain important information that is needed to manage a woodland, such as: Forest, roads, streams & riparian areas, and fuel loads inventory.  The RMP is offered over a six to eight week period and includes both indoor classes and field sessions.

Master Woodland Manager

What is a Master Woodland Manager?

MWMs are qualified small family forest land owners (small woodland owners) who receive specialized training by OSU Forestry Extension to be effective volunteers and community leaders. MWMs receive approximately 85 hours of free instruction in subject areas that range from management planning, ecology, and forest inventory methods. Once the training is complete, MWMs volunteer 85 hours for their local Forestry Extension Agent in return for their training.

The Master Woodland Manager program has been very successful and a foundational program in Forestry Extension for twenty years. The MWM volunteers have added valuable expertise and horsepower to Forestry Extension and have greatly increased our reach into the forestry communities in Oregon. It is said that the best compliment is replication. The MWM program is replicated in many places throughout the United States, in Canada, and in many other locations throughout the world.

One of the most important functions of an MWM is to assist neighbors with basic forestry planning and decision-making processes, offering guidance and pointing them to local sources of assistance. Besides working with neighboring landowners, MWMs have optimized their own strengths and skills to complete their service in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Assisting OSU Forestry Extension with tours and demonstrations
  • Taking Leadership roles in local organizations and community government
  • Providing education to youth groups
  • Speaking to non-forestry audiences regarding the importance of forestry.

Backyard Woodlands Program

Do you have a place in the country? A weekend getaway? A hunting tract? A mini-farm or ranchette? A back-forty? If your property has trees on it, then this introductory course is for you. Designed for new backyard woodland owners or those who have owned their property for a while and now want to begin some active management, this session will help you get started with a course of action that meets your objectives. Topics covered range from woodland ecology and tree planting, to wildlife enhancement and protecting against wildfire. The specific arrangement of topics and length of the class varies; generally it is offered as a single day-long session or as one evening followed by a half day. Contact your local forestry agent for details.

The Backyard Woodlands Landowner Resource Notebook is an invaluable resource, whether you take the course or not. Its 13 chapter present specific information about managing forestland and tell you where you can go to find additional help. Each chapter has a sleeve containing additional materials.

View the Backyard Woodlands Resource Notebook table of contents and ordering information.

Baker County Private Woodlands Association (BCPWA) Monthly Meetings

The BCPWA holds informational meetings the third Thursday of the month, from September to November and from January to June, from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. The meetings typically include a featured speaker and a discussion of chapter business topics. Over the years, we have enjoyed talks from OSU College of Forestry on-campus professors, many of the OSU Extension Forestry staff from around the state, natural resources experts from Eastern Oregon University, the Forest Service Forest and Range Research Lab in La Grande, the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, plus a number of talented and knowledgeable folks from other parts of the forestry community. The evening meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about forestry and share thoughts and ideas with your friends and neighbors.