Assistance for Woodland Owners

Forestry and other aspects of natural resource management often require a high level of knowledge and skill, and financial committment.  Fortunately, we have a number of sources of assistnace with technical issues and project costs.  If you would like to discuss your project ideas with me just call, email or drop by the office and I'll do everything I can to help meet your needs.  Other resources in the county include:

Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF).  541-523-6458.  The ODF administers the Oregon Forest Practices act regulations so before you fire up a chainsaw to do some work, you must have a Forest Practices Permit from the ODF so be sure to talk with them first.  Their foresters are an excellent resource for all aspects of forest management, from planting trees, taking care of roads and culverts to timber harvesting so are an excellent resource.  The ODF also administers a variety of financial cost share programs, depending on the availability of funds, so if you need help with thinning, slash treatment and so on, be sure to check with their office.  The state ODF website is a good resource as well:

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).  541-523-7121. The NRCS provides outstanding technical and financial assistance programs such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQUIP) and the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) and many others.

OSU Extension Forestry.

OSU College of Forestry

Sustainable Forestry Partnership

Directory of Watershed Resources- Created and maintained by the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at Boise State University, it is a searchable database of funding sources. This directory is a collaboration between the EFC and the states of Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Washington and the US EPA. It replaces the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Funding Directory, and contains all of the information previously contained in the Oregon directory.

Oregon Forest Industry Directory.  The Oregon Forest Industry Directory facilitates the establishment of business connections between the broad array of interests in Oregon's forestry sector.

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board is a state agency led by a policy oversight board. Together, they promote and fund voluntary actions that strive to enhance Oregon's watersheds. The Board fosters the collaboration of citizens, agencies, and local interests. OWEB's programs support Oregon's efforts to restore salmon runs, improve water quality, and strengthen ecosystems that are critical to healthy watersheds and sustainable communities. The Grant Program supports voluntary efforts by Oregonians seeking to create and maintain healthy watersheds.
To accomplish this OWEB...

  • funds projects that restore, maintain, and enhance the state's watersheds.
  • supports the capacity of local watershed-based citizen groups to carry
    out a variety of restoration projects.
  • promotes citizen understanding of watershed needs and restoration ideas.
  • provides technical skills to citizens working to restore urban and rural watersheds.
  • monitors the effectiveness of investments in watershed restoration.


Professional Forestry Consultants.  There are several excellent consultatnt foresters that can help you with inventorying your woodlands, writing management plans, tree planting, thinnings and harvesting work.  If you would like to hire a consultatnt, I can provide a list of names and phone numbers.