Wildfire in Oregon

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Fire is a natural part of our environment. Yet, with more people living near wildlands, there is a greater chance of loss of life and property and damage to natural resources. This website provides information homeowners need to prepare for wildfire, respond when fire occurs, and recover after the event of fire.

Before fire strikes

Living With Fire
A comprehensive primer for homeowners to prepare and respond to wildfire.

How to reduce risk of wildfire on your property
Extension forestry specialist Stephen Fitzgerald offers precautions to make your home and property more defensible against wildfire.

Fire Resistant Plants for Oregon Home Landscapes
A plant list and landscape planning guide compiled by OSU Extension Service

Oregon Department of Forestry Protection from Fire
Outlines ODF's fire program in Josephine, Jackson and Deschutes counties. Information is useful statewide.

Preparing your family for emergencies
Safeguard your family's important papers and other essentials

Recovering from fire

Wildfire Recovery: ways to move forward
Advice on recovering your home, food supplies, pastures, landscape and trees following wildfire.

Federal Emergency Management Agency sites

Homeowner preparation


Other Sites of Interest

Oregon Trail Chapter of the Red Cross
Advice for disaster preparedness.

USDA Forest Service Fire Education
Understanding the role of wildland fires.

FireFree! Get In The Zone
A central Oregon campaign to increase wildfire safety.

Central oregon Partherships for Wildfire Risk Reduction (COPWRR)
A partnership that focuses on wildfire preventionand education in Central Oregon.

Wildfire preparation/prevention information aimed at urban areas across the country.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute
Know Your Forest: Reducing Fire Hazard