How to Join 4-H

The Baker County 4-H calendar year begins in October with new enrollments and re-enrollments and ends in September.

Interested in joining? It’s easy! Just call the Baker County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service (541-523-6418). One of our 4-H staff members will connect you with 4-H clubs that have the same project interests as your child.  

Baker County 4-H programs and activities are designed for youth:

  • Primary--grades K - 3 (Cloverbuds)
  • Junior--grades 4 - 6
  • Intermediate--grades 7 - 9
  • Senior--grades 10 - 12

Is 4-H just for farm kids? The short answer is no. 4-H is for all kids--city kids, town kids, and farm kids! The Baker County 4-H program offers variety and versatility. You get to choose the projects you want--ranging from conserving our earth to marksmanship to gardening to livestock to sewing to community service.