On this page, you will find resources about cattle production, tools to help you balance cattle rations, and links to other sources of information relevant to range livestock production.


Grazing Leases

One of the more common questions we get asked is about grazing lease rates. We are currently working on a project to summarize grazing lease rates in NE Oregon. In the meantime, here are a few resources that are helpful in understanding lease agreements including factors that affect grazing lease rates and legal considerations when developing grazing lease agreements.


Montana State University developed a useful primer on understanding the basics of grazing leases. This guide covers topics such as methods to estimate grazing lease rates, defining terms that should be included in grazing lease agreements, and what kinds of records might be useful to maintain a successful grazing lease agreement. (GrazingLease.pdf)


Here is an in-depth report from the University of Idaho discussing the different factors that affect grazing lease rates. The report was developed by distributing a survey asking terms, conditions, and rates of grazing lease agreements throughout Idaho. (Rimbey_ID_leases.pdf)


Ag lease 101 is a helpful resource where you can learn about different types of pasture leases, find example written lease agreements, and learn about important aspects of lease agreements.


This short, ten-minute video briefly describes several considerations that should be addressed in developing grazing lease agreements.


Beef Cattle Nutrition

While there are several facets to managing the beef cattle herd, cattle nutrition is arguable one of the most discussed when it comes to improving herd performance, reproductive efficiency, and lowering costs. The January/February 2017 Newsletter featured an article about cattle nutrition during cold weather. Here are a few other resources about cattle nutrition.


The OSU CowCulator is a tool modified by Dr. David Bohnert to help producers determine the appropriate ration for their herd and evaluate the costs. We offer occasional classes on using the OSU CowCulator, so if you are interested in this tool, please contact the Baker County Extension Office.

            - CowCulator instructions

            - Beef Cattle Forage Evaluation


The Beef Cattle Nutrition Workbook is an interactive workbook designed to help cattle producers make nutrition management decisions.


OSU Extension Publications

Oregon State University has two online databases with peer-reviewed articles regarding livestock production in Oregon.

Oregon State University Extension-Beef Cattle Library

Beef Cattle Extension Library


Other OSU Reading Materials

Calving School Handbook

OSU-Oregon Beef Council Reports