2015 OMGA Gardeners Mini College Handouts and Presentations

Preserving Food Through the Year - Nellie Ohler

Pruning Berries and Grapes - Neil Bell

Biological Controls in the Garden - Heather Stoven

Root Crops: Lowdown on the Underground - Darren Morgan

Fall Cover Crops and Mulches - Darren Morgan

Soil Sampling and Interpretation - Sarah Light

Sucessful Seed Starting - Gail Price

Grafted Vegetables: The New Frontier - Harry Olson

Home Tree Care: The Necessary Skills - Tal Blankenship

Seed Saving Techniques - Tal Blankenship

The Enabling Garden - Keith Wingfield

Microgreens Workshop - Brooke Edmunds

Beat the Bugs to your Vegetables - Gail Gredler

Growing Fine Wines - Dave Jepson

Weeds: We All Have Them - Kathy Shearin


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