4h contests

Benton County 4-H Contests are a great opportunity to showcase and develop your skills!

4-H Favorite Foods Contest

The Favorite Foods contest is held in January and open to all Benton County youth aged 5-19. Youth don’t need to be a 4-H member to participate. The contest is an opportunity for youth to prepare a favorite food at home. Participants will be interviewed by a judge who will taste their prepared food and recognize there efforts with a ribbon. Contest details will be updated annually.

4-H Presentations Contest

The Presentations contest is held in February and open to 4-H members aged 5-19. 4-H members present to a judge, using one of the following categories:

  • Demonstration (show how to do something – great for new presenters)
  • Illustrated Talk (use visuals/equipment)
  • Speech (no visuals or equipment – challenging for experienced presenters)
  • Impromptu (on-the-spot presentation)

This contest is the qualifying event for intermediate and senior members to compete at State Fair as well as, intermediate and senior horse project members to compete at the annual Spring Horse Classic event. Contest details will be updated annually. Primer on Presentations

4-H Food Preparation

The Food Preparation contest is held in March annually and open to 4-H members aged 9-19. This event gives 4-H members a chance to prepare a food item in front of a judge. 4-H-ers can demonstrate their knowledge of safety, time management, nutrition, table settings, and preparation. Contest details will be updated annually (Mid-February).

4-H Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue is held in April and open to 4-H members aged 5-19. 4-H members can walk the runway and showcase their clothing, sewing, crocheting and knitting projects. 4-H members are judged earlier in the day on their projects and then take to the stage for a free public viewing that evening. Contest details will be updated annually.

4-H Tablesetting Contest

The Table Setting Contest occurs during the week of County Fair. It is open to all 4-H members ages 5–19. The contest is a fun way learn how to:

  • properly set a table
  • plan nutritious meals
  • express originality and creativity in choosing a theme
  • present to the judge
  • express knowledge of food, nutrition and food safety

Participants provide one place setting, including table covering, dishes, glassware, silverware, centerpiece and menu. Contest details will be updated annually.

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