Forestry & Natural Resources Program, serving Benton, Linn, & Polk Counties

Here is a sample of some of the events and happenings you might see offered in the area by the Forestry & Natural Resources (FNR) Extension Program and our partners.  Not all things happen every year, and not everything that happens is shown here.  So watch Upcoming Events or better yet, sign up for the Woodland Compass and Needle, our electronic newsletter and announcements service for timely listings. 

Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Core Programs

Basic Woodland Management

A five-session course for folks just starting out taking care of a woodland property. Topics covered include:

  • Getting Started: Assessing your property and your site
  • What’s Going on in Your Woods? Understanding tree biology and forest ecology
  • Taking Care of Your Woods: tree planting, care for an established forest, weed control
  • Getting it Done: Safety, timber sale logistics, and laws and regulations.

Mentored Management Planning

The four session Mentored Management Planning shortcourse guides you through the process as you write your plan.  Participants are paired with an experienced “mentor” who provides some one-on-one assistance while working through the plan components.

Master Woodland Managers

MWMs are qualified family forest land owners who receive approximately 85 hours of instruction in subject areas that range from management planning, ecology, and forest inventory methods.  This OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension training is meant to help them better manage their property as well as be effective volunteers and community leaders.  In return MWMs provide an in-kind service in through various volunteer activities.

Oregon Season Tracker

Oregon Season Tracker (OST) is a project of Oregon State University that aims to link natural resource managers, educators, researchers and others in the community to the science they use through collaborative citizen science.

Ties to the Land

The nationally recognized Ties to the Land succession planning program helps families communicate better about what to do with their natural resource property and how best to get it done. 

Oregon Master Naturalist

The Oregon Master Naturalist Program is for people interested in Oregon’s natural history and natural resources management who want to dedicate their time as volunteers. It provides an opportunity to learn about natural resources through the study of natural history of plants, animals, habitats, and geology, and other relevant topics.

Local Programming with Partners

Goods from the Woods

This annual event in held collaboration with the Linn chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association is meant to highlight and celebrate the many great products and materials derived from local woodlands and forests in and around the mid-Valley. 

Farm Habitat Planning

This 4-6 session workshop in Collaboration with Horticulture Extension helps commercial farmers plan and manage for improved wildlife habitat on their farm properties with an emphasis on valley riparian woodlands.

Woodland Information Night

This is an annual winter event hosted by the Benton and Linn Chapters of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and Extension.  Leadership and location rotates back and forth between the two Counties.

Twilight Tours

One of more offered each summer by the local Chapters of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and Extension. 

Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) at Peavy Arboretum

GO Day is a National event held each June to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  The OSU College Forests and Benton County Extension host a GO Day event a Peavy Arboretum with 12 and under fishing, hikes, and other nature events. 

Tree Farmer of the Year Tours

A tour each summer to visit the property of the winner of each County’s Tree Farmer of the Year award.  Hosted by the local Chapters of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and Extension. 

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