Faculty and Staff

Benton County Extension
4077 SW Research Way, Corvallis, OR 97333-1065
Tel: 541-766-6750 / Fax: 541-766-3549

Faculty and Staff

Carolyn Ashton, 4-H Youth Development (541-766-6750)

Adejoke Babatunde, Nutrition Education (541-766-6750) 

Kelly Cotter, 4-H Support (541-766-6750)

Andrea Watson, Office Support (541-766-6750)

Jody Einerson, Forestry & Natural Resourses Program Assistant (541-766-6750)

Melissa Fery, Small Farms (541-766-6750)

Brooke Edmunds, Extension Horticulturist (541-766-6750)

Pami Opfer, Master Gardener & Master Food Preserver Program Assistant (541-766-6750)

Shelby Filley, Regional Livestock & Forage Specialist (541-672-4461)

Ana Lu Fonseca, 4-H Outreach Coordinator (541-766-6750)

Amy Garrett, Small Farms Instructor (541-766-6750)

Derek Godwin, Regional Administrator, West Central Region, (541-766-6750)

Janice Gregg, Family Community Development (541-967-3871)

Maggie Livesay, 4-H Outreach (541-766-6750)

Chrissy Lucas, Groundwater & Small Farms Program Assistant (541-766-6750)

Liz McGovern, Office Coordinator (541-766-6750)

Ross Penhallegon, Commercial Horticulturist (541-344-1709)

Rosemary Weidman, Business Manager (541-766-3552)

Brad Withrow-Robinson, Forestry & Natural Resources (541-766-6750)

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