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Welcome to the Woodland Compass, the OSU Extension electronic newsletter for landowners in Benton, Linn and Polk Counties.  The Compass will be posted here and sent out by email every two months with news and information to help landowners take care of and enjoy their woodland properties.  Electronic announcements of upcoming events will be distributed through the Needle to help keep you informed about local workshops, tours or other happenings. 

With the Compass and Needle, we hope to be able to bring you more-focused, detailed and timely information on the art and science of woodland management, with more photos and links than in print formats.

To receive the Compass and Needle delivered to your inbox, contact Jody with your name, email, and physical mailing address & phone (to help keep email lists current). 

Current Issue:

November/December 2014

November Ice Storm (map photo) November Ice Storm (article)

September/October 2014

New Extension Specialist in Forest Economics, Management and Policy

CoCo What? Confessions of a local weather watcher

Wildfire: It's not if, but when

Western Oak looper

Tree Farmer of the Year Tours

Extension F&NR newspaper articles


July/August 2014 

Five questions to answer as fire season begins
What’s causing all that die-back in Incense-cedar?
Watching out for the Emerald Ash Borer & other Invasives
The boom-and-bust life of defoliating insects
Oregon wildflower app for smartphones

March/April 2014

January/February 2014

Forest Roads

Master Woodland Manager Training 2014

Winter Weed Work

Rainfall Monitoring Pays Off

Cooperators Sought for Wildlife Study

Two New Forestry Extension Specialist at OSU

Chasing Early Seral

Extension FNR newspaper articles Jan./Feb. 2014

November/December 2013

        Pest Scene Investigation

        Scanning the Horizons for a Logger

        Choosing your words carefully

        2013 Tax Tips for Forest Landowners

        Update from the Committee for Family Forestlands

        Woodland owners, foresters to gather at World Forestry Center in Portland November 25

        Extension FNR newspaper articles Nov./Dec. 2013

September/October 2013

          Knowledge and experience can be shared

          Oregon white oak in the Willamette Valley, Summer 2013....Some in-your-face issues

        Vegetation  Management Series by Brad Withrow-Robinson,  

                       Weed control and herbicide basics  - including a distinction between foliar and
                soil active herbicides.

                       Understanding foliar herbicides – part 1 – glyphosate.  

                       Understanding foliar Herbicides- part 2 – Growth Regulators 

          Extension FNR newspaper articles September/October 2013

  • July/August 2013
             Fire Season

             Connecting Youth to our Local Forests and Science

             There’s an App for that #3: SoilWeb

             Extension FNR newspeper articles July/August 2013

          See the newsletter 

  • May/June 2013

          Happy Spring, or is it summer already? 

          Keep Up on Your Fire-prevention Maintenance

          Stressed and Dying Conifers - another year for “Valley Crud”

          The Value of Dead Wood- an anecdote and photo contest

          Bugs, the Good and Bad (Dead Wood Revisited)

          Extension FNR newspaper articles for June 2013

  • March/April 2013

          Forest Restoration …in Thailand

          Nature’s Timing

          “Is SNC Hurting me?”

          In the News

          Extension FNR newspaper articles March/April 2013

  • January/February 2013

          Welcome & Introduction

          Forestry and Woodland Resources for Benton, Linn, and Polk Counties

          Growing a New Forest

          Experiments by Design

          Leadership Transition and other News from the Board of Forestry

          Extension FNS newspaper articles Jan/Feb 2013

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