Forestry Pesticide Disclaimers

Note: The attention given to herbicides in this series does not indicate an advocacy for their use but an acknowledgement that using herbicides presents some unique risks, and that landowners and managers need to know enough about them to make informed decisions on their use.

Trade-name products are mentioned as illustrations only. This does not mean that the Oregon State University Extension Service either endorses these products or intends to discriminate against products not mentioned.

Use pesticides safely!

• Wear protective clothing and safety devices as recommended on the label. Bathe or shower after each use.

• Read the pesticide label—even if you’ve used the pesticide before. Follow closely the instructions on the label (and any other directions you have).

• Be cautious when you apply pesticides. Know your legal responsibility as a pesticide applicator. You may be liable for injury or damage resulting from pesticide use.

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