Conservation and Restoration of Willamette Valley Native Woodlands

oakAlong with the iconic conifer forests of NW Oregon, our area is also home to some less familiar but still very important woodland habitats.  The Valley’s hardwood riparian forests (also called gallery forests or bottomland forests) and the oak savannas & woodlands were until only recently largely overlooked by land managers.  Of little direct economic value, they are now gaining attention due to their ecological and habitat values.

Both of these forgotten forests were broadly scattered across the area and have been greatly reduced in extent (area) due to a century and a half of transportation, agricultural and urban development.  They have also been degraded in condition and in the benefits they provide due to changing disturbances including invasive species and fire.

This site provides information for family forest and farm landowners, state agencies and municipalities owning and managing pieces of these woodland habitats in the Willamette Valley for their recreational, aesthetic, habitat or other ecosystem service values. It currently focuses on the restoration and management of riparian areas.

restoration planting

Riparian Restoration Programming

Half Moon Bend Restoration & Demonstration Project

This project is located on an Oregon Parks and Recreation Willamette Greenway property, several miles downstream of Corvallis. The property includes a 27 acres abandoned farm field, taken over by perennial weeds. 

  • The restoration objectives are to create a diverse and highly functional bottomland forest community.
  • The demonstration objectives are to illustrate standard farming and forestry tools and approaches for restoration, while demonstrating different approaches to planting density, and arrangement. 

Gallery Slough and Swale Blog

A blog created to share perspectives with woodland owners, farmers, conservation groups and other people interested in riparian forest management along the Willamette river and its major tributaries.  Follow the link to receive the most current update by email

Farm Habitat Management Planning Workshops

riparian siteThis is a workshop to help commercial farmers plan and manage for improved wildlife habitat on their farm properties.  It is a mixed classroom and field tour workshop series (4-6 sessions), using a well tested approach developed for family forest landowners.  We introduce wildlife ecology and management concepts, fish (esp. salmon) ecology and use of the Willamette and its floodplain, and the ecology and management of valley habitats, with an emphasis on valley riparian woodlands. 


Links to publications to help plan and manage riparian conservation and restoration projects.

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