4-H Project Resources

Check out our NEW list of Resource books! These are available for purchase at our office.

  Archery Project

  • Llamas & Alpacas $15.25
  • Basic Archery $7.50
  • Ducks or Goose $7.50
  • Cavy $13.50
  • Beekeeping $7.50

We have also re-stocked our current Resource books and those include:

  • Horse $12.50
  • Beef Cattle $15.00
  • Sheep $11.50
  • Goat $18.75
  • Dog $21.00
  • Dairy Cattle $16.25
  • Swine $12.00
  • Rabbit $13.00

Rabbit 4H Resource  Dog 4H Resorce  Beef 4H Project  Goat 4H Project 

Sheep 4H Project  Dairy Cattle 4H Project   Swine 4H Project    Horse Project

We are in the process of purchasing Chicken/Poultry Resource books and hope to have them during the 2014-2015 4-H year. We will keep you updated on the status of these as they become available.

4-H Horse Resources

Horse - Variance Form Hunt Seat & Jumper Manual
Horse Declaration Form State Resources
Horse Contest Outline Sample Lease Agreement
2015 Horse Pre-Fair Schedule 2015 Horse Fair Schedule


State 4-H Publication Resource List

Check out all of the different 4–H publications available for your reading pleasure! If you hover and click on a publication/resource title, you will be able to either download the item, or find out where to order the item from.

Online 4-H Forms & Publications

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National 4-H

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation