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Benton County 4-H Wildlife Stewards
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Benton County
OSU Extension Service
4077 NW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541-766-6750
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4-H Wildlife Stewards Youth Summit

 The Youth Summit is a time for Member schools to share their hands-on natural resource educational projects.  Trained volunteers work with students to create, use and sustain an outdoor habitat education site for enhanced science, math, art and literature education on their school grounds.  These volunteers work with teachers and parent volunteers to provide a place for students to participate in hands-on, inquiry based learning.  The 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program is an Oregon State University Extension Service 4-H program. For more information contact: OSU Extension Service, Benton County 541-766-6750.

2015 4-H Wildlife Stewards Summit

Registration deadline: April 3, 2015

Summit Date: May 7, 2015

Summit Entry Packet (for Member Schools ONLY

Complete Packet 

Entry Letter

Summit Checklist

Presentation Guidelines

Summit Entry Form - English 

Explanation Card 

Scoring Guide

Interview Questions

Project Ideas 

Computer Project:

Computer Software Project Description (ex. Powerpoint Project)

Other Resources:

4-H Wildlife Stewards Program

The 4-H Wildlife Stewards program is an OSU Extension Service 4-H program. 4-H Wildlife Stewards are trained volunteers who work in partnership with public and private organizations to assist students and teachers to create, use and sustain wildlife habitats on school grounds.

A habitat education site is an area on or near school grounds that invites wildlife wildlife and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and teachers.

Wildlife habitat projects let students learn through an interdisciplinary approach that can combine science, math, natural history, leadership skills and cooperative learning.

4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteers Make it Happen!

4-H Wildlife Stewards have a respect for nature and a wish to share that respect with the next generation. 4-H Wildlife Stewards work directly with teachers and students to help make sure that the students are getting the most out of their habitats. 4-H Wildlife Stewards work with classrooms and small groups to give students an opportunity for experiential, place-based learning activities. These volunteers are involved in teaching, project planning and development as well as community outreach.


4-H Wildlife Stewards receive 24 hrs of training. The training is hands-on and interactive and covers information on native plant and animals , habitat design, working with youth, science teaching skills, and additional educational resources.

In exchange for this training, 4-H Wildlife Stewards are placed in a 4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School to perform 50 hours of volunteer work.

Important Forms and Applications:

4-H Wildlife Stewards Volunteer Service Application

4-H Wildlife Stewards Member School Application

4-H Wildlife Stewards Group Enrollment Form

Wildlife Stewards Volunteer Log Sheet

4-H Leader and Member Enrollment Forms