Benton County Master Gardener Association

The Benton County Master Gardener Association (BCMGA) is part of the Oregon Master Gardener Association, a state wide non-profit organization. Anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training program and who wishes to join is encouraged to participate.

BCMGA plans and coordinates many of the amazing gardening classes and events for the Benton County Master Gardener program.

Membership meetings are held periodically and some will be incorporated into fun and educational field trips to nearby sites around the Willamette Valley.

The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Enhance and supplement the Oregon State University Home Horticulture Program (Master Gardener Program);
  • Educate Chapter Members and our local community about plant selection, culture and care;
  • Maintain and continue to build an active Benton County Master Gardener program; and
  • Encourage continuing education and recertification of Master Gardeners.


Important Documents

Governing Documents

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