Conservation and Restoration Publications

OSU Extension Publications

Riparian - specific

A Guide to Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting in the Willamette Valley: Steps to Success (EM 9040-E)

 A comprehensive overview of steps and practices for successful planting and establishment projects in the Willamette Valley. 27 pages.

Selecting Native Plant Materials for Restoration Projects (EM 8885-E)

 Helps restoration managers decide on the appropriate sources of origin, and how best to maintain adequate genetic diversity in the plant materials used in restoration projects through use of transfer guidelines and collection protocols. 10 pages.

Managing Himalayan Blackberry in Western Oregon Riparian Areas (EM 8894)

 Covers biology of Himalayan blackberry, its effects on riparian functions, and strategies for managing Himalayan blackberry specifically in riparian areas. 16 pages.

Guide to Riparian Tree Planting in Southwest Oregon (EM 8893-E) 

 A comprehensive overview of steps and practices for successful planting and establishment projects in Southwest Oregon.  32 pages.

Tree Buffers along Streams on Western Oregon Farmland (EM 8895-E) 23 pages.

Explores a variety of options, mindful of trade-offs between farmland production and fisheries and wildlife values.

General Planting and Establishment

The Care and Planting of Seedlings on Your Woodland (EC 1504)

An overview of the planting process. It focuses on conifers, but is relevant to hardwood trees and shrubs as well. 12 pages.

Selecting and Buying Quality Seedlings (EC 1196)

Discusses how to select trees adapted for long-term growth under your local conditions and how to choose nursery stock that has a high probability of surviving and showing good initial growth. Covers seed zones and elevation, stock types, and matching stock to site. Includes tree seed zone maps, performance ratings for various tree species in Oregon. 12 pages.

Successful Reforestation: An Overview (EC 1498)  

Provides a brief overview of the steps involved in a typical reforestation operation. Covers mechanical, manual, and chemical methods of preparing the planting site. Discusses purchasing suitable seedlings, understanding stock-types, handling seedlings, selecting planting spots, spacing, timing plantings, protecting seedlings from browse and sunscald, and maintaining the plantation. 8 pages.

2013 PNW Weed Management Handbook

A comprehensive guide to weed management in the Pacific Northwest. Covers biological weed control agents, pesticide safety and disposal, agrichemicals and their properties, and control of problem weeds. Contains sections on weed control in many situations.     In each section, products are listed along with application rates, timing, and other remarks. Updated periodically throughout the year.

Other Resources

Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings  Oregon Department of Forestry

An annual catalog of native forest tree seedlings (not horticultural or landscape stock) available from various nurseries around the state. Available seedling data is collected from nurseries every fall. Copies are also available from your local ODF field office

Guide to Reforestation in Oregon

Comprehensive guide giving step–by–step directions for forest landowners wanting to convert bare or recently logged lands to stands of healthy, “free to grow” trees. 52 pages