4-H Project Resources

Check out our list of Resource books! These are available for purchase at our office.

  • Beef Cattle $15.00

Beef 4H Project

  • Dairy Cattle $16.25

Dairy Cattle 4H Project

  • Swine $12.00

Swine 4H Project

  • Sheep $11.50

Sheep 4H Project

  • Goat $18.75

Goat 4H Project

  • Llama & Alpaca $15.25

Llama resource book 4h

  • Horse $12.50

Horse Project

  • Dog $21.00

Dog 4H Resorce

  • Rabbit $13.00

Rabbit 4H Resource

  • Cavy $13.50

  • Duck or Goose  $7.50

  • Basic Archery $7.50

Archery Project

  • Beekeeping $7.50

4h beekeeping resouce



We are in the process of purchasing Chicken/Poultry Resource books and hope to have them during the 2014-2015 4-H year.  

*4/7/15 the Chicken/Poultry resource books have not yet been published. We will keep you updated on the status of these as they become available.

4-H Horse Resources

Horse - Variance Form Hunt Seat & Jumper Manual
Horse Declaration Form State Resources
Horse Contest Outline Sample Lease Agreement
2016 Horse Pre-Fair Entry Form & Schedule 2016 Horse Fair Entry Form & Schedule
2016 Benton County Horse Scholarship Equine Art Entry Card


State 4-H Publication Resource List

Check out all of the different 4–H publications available for your reading pleasure! If you hover and click on a publication/resource title, you will be able to either download the item, or find out where to order the item from.

Online 4-H Forms & Publications

Oregon 4-H

National 4-H

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

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