Resources for Active Benton County Master Gardeners

MG trainings attending a plant ID course
MG trainings attending a plant ID course

**Master Gardener certification is valid for one year. After one year, Master Gardeners must take qualified recertification courses in order to continue as an active, certified Master Gardener. The current recertification requirements are TEN continuing education hours, and TWENTY public outreach hours. Please contact the Benton Co. Extension Office at 541-766-6750 for more information. 

Important Links & Documents

NEW! 2017 Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners: Focus on Integrated Pest Management 

 Online sign up for plant clinics at nurseries and the demo garden

Online sign up for plant clinics at the Corvallis Farmers Market

2017 Master Gardener Workshop sign-up (two required for new trainees)

Online Volunteer Reporting System (VRS): We are encouraging all Master Gardeners to track their volunteer hours online. Thank you!

MASTER GARDENER DESK CALENDAR: Please use this online calendar to sign up for timeslots at the desk. See Instructions for signing up for login information.

Marketing templates & Affirmative Action/Non-discrimination Statement (for ALL posters)



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