Sustainability Resources

OSU Extension Service is committed to providing sustainable resources to better help residents live well in a sustainable community.  In these pages we have compiled local and regional resources in a variety of topics including alternative energy, transportation, waste prevention, food systems and more.  These resources can help you calculate your carbon footprint, get connected to local programs or help you manage energy and household water use. These resources can help you connect with local and regional programs, to save money and live more sustainably.

If you know of a resource that is not represented in these sections please contact us at 541-766-6750.

OSU Extension’s Neighborhood Sustainability Stewards volunteer program engages the local community in climate change actions on a household level. The goals are to engage the general public in a climate change conversation, to give the public tools to lower CO2 emissions on a household level, and to give them skills to live sustainably in a changing world.

Energize Corvallis is dedicated to helping Corvallis become one of the most energy efficient and climate-friendly cities in the United States. Energize Corvallis is a collaboration between the City of Corvallis, Corvallis Environmental Center, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, and Oregon State University Extension Service of Benton County.

Corvallis Sustainability Coalition has Action Teams of volunteers working together to implement the Community Sustainability Action Plan. Participation in the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is open to local organizations and individuals who support its vision, mission, goals, and guiding objectives.

Oregon State University offers a Sustainability Double-Degree that exposes students to real-world problems, and fosters knowledge, skills, and abilities to address them in communities and workplaces.

- Alternative Energy

- Transportation

- Climate Change

- Waste Prevention

- Community Involvement

- Water

- Food Systems

- Yard & Garden

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