Alternative Energy

Wind Turbine Alternative energy is a type of energy source that has less impact to the environment. Renewable resources such as solar, wind, wave, and geothermal, are examples of alternative energy sources.






OSU Extension Service provides a Home Energy: Homeowner or Renter Tip Sheet with ideas on how to save and reduce energy costs around your home.

OSU Extension Service provides a list of Simple Steps to Save Money & Green Your Home, these steps can help reduce and improve home savings and carbon footprint.

Energy Trust of Oregon provides a Check Out Energy Savings guide to measure your household energy using a Kill A Watt monitor, as well as an Energy Savings Worksheet to track and calculate your monthly Kill A Watt usage. Check out a Kill A Watt meter at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, or your local participating library.

Oregon's Residential Energy Tax Credit Program has a list of energy efficient products and technologies that are eligible for a tax credit on your Oregon income taxes by making your home more energy efficient, and helping preserve Oregon's environment.


Visit the Oregon Department of Energy website and view Where does Oregon's Electricity come from?, a publication with useful information to understand what resources are used to generate the electricity consumed in Oregon, and where the electricity is produced.

Energy Trust of Oregon has information on Eligible Wind Turbines suitable for your property.

The City of Corvallis has a city-owned renewable solar electric generation project. A couple of the fire stations in town have solar panels that are expected to provide more than half of the station's energy needs.

Oregon Department of Energy provides Wind Energy Information for Land Owners with information on small-scale systems, Oregon's tax credit incentives, and about the equipment available, contractors, and needed permits.


O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University is the leading center for research and education in coastal engineering, wave energy research, and near shore science.

Energy Trust of Oregon is a nonprofit organization that helps customers benefit from saving energy and to generate renewable power.

Consumers Power Inc. has information on saving energy at home, rebates, and incentive programs available to participate in.

Pacific Power provides information on environment and energy efficiency, watt smart efficiency, and encourages incentive programs available to the public.

The Energy Action Team, through Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, is working towards education and energy efficiency outreach in Corvallis neighborhoods.

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