Food Systems

Fresh vegetables.Sustainable agriculture is the production of food, plants, or animals using environmentally friendly techniques. Local produce can be acquired through growing your own, shopping locally, the farmers' market, or local CSA's.






Oregon Food Bank and OSU Extension Service Seed to Supper is a beginning gardening course giving adults gardening tools they need to grow their own food on a limited budget.

Food Hero has quick, tasty, healthy recipes and helpful tips for everyone. You will be able to budget, plan, and create countless healthy and tasty meals.

Food Miles Calculator is a way of measuring how far food has travelled before it reaches the consumer. By calculating food miles the consumer can make informed choices about their food.

Preserve your harvest with free energy from the sun and Build a Solar Food Dehydrator.


OSU Extension Service produces educational materials to help people across Oregon, including a list of publications to read about your Garden at Home or Growing Vegetables.

OSU Extension Service Growing Your Own is a guide to gardening in Oregon, featuring vegetable varieties, planting dates, insect control, soil preparation, & more.

Oregon Small Farms program has an extensive list of publications and resources on Manure Management.


OSU Extension Master Food Preservers program trains and certifies volunteers in food safety, food preservation, and food security. For questions, call the Food Safety and Preservation hotline or visit their website to find out information about pickling, canning, freezing, drying, and preserving.

Oregon Small Farm Beginning Farmers program provides resources to get started with your very own Small Farm. There are small acreage enterprise, growing farms, sustainable business, and other resources to read. Oregon Small Farms Program serves local commercial small farms as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners.

OSU Department of Horticulture Sustainable Food & Farming Systems is committed to sustainable food systems and production of fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, and specialty crops.

Master Gardener Program -This program teaches volunteers about technical horticulture. Master Gardeners are volunteers who are experienced gardeners, who receive horticulture training from OSU Extension Specialists, and who want to share their gardening skills and training with the public. The Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook is available for purchase.

The local Farmers' Market website has upcoming events, information for customers, as well as opportunities for volunteering.

A popular way for consumers to buy locally grown foods from farmers is Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers offer shares to purchase, typically the share consists of a box of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

Corvallis Farm to School is a part of the Corvallis Environmental Center Edible Corvallis Initiative, a program bringing fresh, local produce into Corvallis schools while educating students and staff about the importance of eating healthy.

Nutrition Education Program (NEP) provides resources for families and educators. The Extension Nutrition Education Program is a community based program delivered by OSU Extension Service faculty and staff  to adults and youth in 36 Oregon counties. Extension contracts with Oregon Department of Human Services SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to bring nutrition education to limited income Oregonians.

Ten Rivers Food Web Sustainable Food Systems presentation explains sustainable farming, and sustainable community food systems. There is also a list of 7 steps to healthier food and a healthier planet, as well as a list of local organizations to support or get involved with.

The Food Action Team through Corvallis Sustainability Coalition works to increase the consumption of locally produced food, connects farmers and consumers, and supports home gardening of quality food.

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