The Oregon Rain Garden Guide Learn how to conserve water, reduce risks of pollution, and maximize the water from rainfall.






OSU Extension Service Ask an Expert has an answer to Rain Barrel water collection, what kind of rain barrel would be best, and if it can be left out year round.

Oregon Sea Grant Oregon Rain Garden Guide was written to help Oregonians learn how to design and build rain gardens to utilize storm water runoff from their homes or businesses to water their gardens.

Energize Corvallis provides the benefits of Reduced Shower Time by 5 minutes. You can calculate the gallons of water you saved, as well as the pounds of CO2 saved for electric and gas water heaters.

Department of Environmental Quality Rules on Graywater Reuse & Disposal Systems fact sheet provides information on graywater reuse and disposal systems, what graywater is, how to obtain a permit, and how to prepare for the permit.


OSU Extension Service Conserving Water in the Garden: Designing and Installing a New Landscape publication discusses installing a new landscape, there are things to do to reduce the amount of water it will need in the future.

OSU Extension Service Conserving Water in the Garden: Landscape & Lawn Care publication details where, when, and how to water a landscape to make the most of available water.

OSU Well Water Program provides information about Groundwater in Oregon, protection, regulations, and understanding the importance of groundwater.

OSU Well Water Program has information on Gray Water and regulations surrounding it.

OSU Extension Service list on Twelve Simple Things You Can Do to Protect Your Well Water that details steps you can take to protect your well water and tank.

OSU Extension Service Rain Water Harvesting for Gardening Use presentation discusses rainwater harvesting as an environmental way of collecting, storing, and irrigating a personal lawn or garden.

City of Corvallis Water Quality Report explains that Corvallis drinking water continues to meet federal and state drinking water standards. The Corvallis Public Works Department provides customers with safe and reliable drinking water, as well as the Water Quality Report to provide current information about Corvallis drinking water.


Public water suppliers must test their water regularly but rural home owners are not required to do so and are often unaware of contamination issues. Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area encompasses portions of Lane, Linn and Benton counties educating and testing water supplies.

OSU Well Water Program helps Oregonians protect their drinking water, has information on well or septic systems, and provides free nitrate screenings of well water.

Benton Soil & Water Conservation District provides educational as well as technical assistance for conservation and responsible use and management of soil, water, and natural resources.

Natural Resources Conservation Service provides financial and technical assistance on environmental conservation and agricultural operations.

Oregon Water Coalition promotes development, conservation, and use of Oregon's land and water resources.

Water Action Team through Corvallis Sustainability Coalition works to decrease the amount of water city residents use, and to keep local streams and creeks clean.

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