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Growing Your OwnSustainable yard and garden practices help protect wildlife, conserve water; reduce runoff, and use an integrated pest management, and landscaping system.






OSU Extension Service provides information to Build a Compost Worm Bin, and has a publication on Composting with Worms that details the process of composting with worms, how to set up the bin, harvesting, as well as care and maintenance of the worm bin.

OSU Extension Service Landscape Sustainability Checkup can assist in finding out if your yard is ready to be an "Oregon Sustainable Landscape" with this easy to use checklist including water efficiency, wildlife, recycling, and fertilizing.

The Corvallis Environmental Center manages two Community Gardens in Corvallis in partnership with Corvallis Parks and Recreation.

Neighborhood Sustainability Stewards Garden Tour Resources on home gardening, landscaping, and composting.

Landscape Plants Identification - Identify landscape plants with images and information from the Oregon Master Gardener Association.


OSU Extension Service Container Planting details how containers can lift plants to heights where they can be appreciated up close. For gardeners with limited space, containers offer additional room to plant. And for gardeners with too many plants or, for those who can't decide where to place their new acquisitions, containers provide good temporary homes.

OSU Extension Service publication on Edible Landscaping details the use of food-producing plants in a residential landscape. Edible plants can be attractive, while also producing fruits and vegetables, and can be incorporated into existing gardens.

OSU Extension Service Fertilizing Your Garden publication helps to ensure plants are receiving the nutrients for plant growth, types of fertilizer, and how much to apply to the plants.

OSU Extension Service produces educational materials to help people across Oregon, including a list of publications to read about pesticides.

Landscaping Network has examples of Xeriscape Landscaping which is the process of selecting and planting plants that can thrive in the landscape with as little supplemental water as possible. This website has the basics of designing, installing, how to, and costs of xeriscape landscaping.


OSU Extension Benton County Master Gardeners have a 10 week course. Supported by Oregon Master Gardener Association (OMGA) a statewide non-profit organization The OMGA encourages home horticulture, continues education, and works with other gardening organizations to enhance gardening in Oregon.

OSU Extension Service Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) is an effort that encourages those who grow vegetables and fruit in excess of their own needs to donate that excess to food distribution centers or soup kitchens. In addition, gardeners who are able are encouraged to plant an extra row of produce in their gardens for the purpose of donation.

OSU Small Farms Program - The Small Farms Program serves local commercial small farms as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. This compilation of Mud & Manure Management publications has information regarding small-acreage lands, fertilizing with manure, and protecting groundwater.

OSU Department of Horticulture faculty contribute to research, teaching, and Extension programs for managing plants for human use or enjoyment.

National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife explains how to turn your garden into a home for wildlife by providing food, water, shelter, and places for young wildlife to grow.

For more than 30 years Linn Benton Food Share has been feeding Linn and Benton counties, no one goes hungry in these counties being served.

Square Foot Gardening Foundation is dedicated to educating the importance of a plant based diet. Square Foot Gardening focused on having resources locally to help achieve goals while having someone who knows all about your backyard.

Natural Areas Action Team through Corvallis Sustainability Coalition works with the Community Services Consortium Volunteer Center to get word out on the new networking site serving the Mid-Valley.  The Hands On Linn-Benton site mobilizes volunteers to create positive change in our community.

Housing Action Team through Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is working to further research into mechanisms to support more affordable housing in the community.

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