4-H Activate Oregon program gets youth involved in community decision-making

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Activate Oregon began in 2009 and helps youths build leadership skills through real-world experience. (Photo by iStock.)

4-H education develops civic understanding and leadership for the future

As compared with youth in other out-of-school programs, 4-H members are:

  • 3.5 times more likely to volunteer in their communities
  • 1.6 times more likely to expect to go to college

To expand leadership opportunities for Oregon youth, the Activate Oregon 4-H Program was recently launched to help young people take a more active role in the leadership of their communities and to give them opportunities to make substantive civic contributions. The new program helps young people become more involved, learn new skills and gain confidence as they take active rolls, alongside adults, to make decisions in their communities.

A recent national 4-H study measured several youth developmental outcomes, including contribution (that is, willingness to give time and effort to achieve positive outcomes for self, family, community, and the institutions of a civil society).  The study found that youth participating in 4-H programs like Activate Oregon are significantly more likely than other youth to make positive contributions.

Contact: Marilyn Lesmeister, Oregon 4-H

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