Extension delivers Mastery of Aging Well course online to help seniors cope with health issues

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The Mastery of Aging Well online course is co-sponsored by Oregon AARP.
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Education may help reduce skyrocketing health care costs for older people

U.S. health care costs have increased dramatically over the past decade, exceeding $2.7 trillion in 2011. Americans who are 65 and older account for a significant share of these costs due to the onset of health concerns that come with life in later years. Extension is spearheading efforts to deliver online educational programs designed to help older Oregonians successfully manage chronic health problems and live healthier. The program was supported by a $300,000 USDA grant.

The Mastery of Aging Well course includes five units: 1) Memory Difficulties: Should I be Worried?, 2) Depression in Later Life, 3) Medication Jeopardy, 4) Food As Medicine? and 5) Physical Activity and Exercise in Later Life. The course material is provided as a series of self-paced modules, and as an interactive, fee-based online course, and as an enhanced DVD presentation. The course is available online through OSU's Professional and Noncredit Education unit.

The Mastery of Aging Well online course is co-sponsored by Oregon AARP. In October 2010, an AARP Telephone Town Hall featuring the Mastery of Aging Well program drew 11,544 callers, 3,000 of whom received follow-up Master of Aging Well program information.

Contact: Sharon Johnson

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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