Innovation is key to building a green future

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OSU's Fred Kamke shows off composite wood products. (Photo by OSU.)
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OSU partners with NSF and Oregon BEST in $2.2 million center for wood-based materials

Innovation is essential for Oregon companies to be successful in the intensely competitive international green building products sector.

So Oregon State University and Virginia Tech are leading a cooperative research center focused on creating new, green wood composites and adhesives. The research is expected to bring advances in reduced costs, improved performance, new products, material recycling, and more environmental sensitivity.

Wood composites have been around for decades in such forms as plywood and particle board. But the future could bring improvements in laminated veneer lumber, strand composites, wood and thermal plastic composites, and wood adhesives

The Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center (Oregon BEST) and the National Science Foundation provided start-up funds for the center.

Source: OSU Professor Fred Kamke, the site director for the Green Building Materials Laboratory.

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