OSU hotline promotes food safety

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Food safety advice is just a phone call away with hotline manned by OSU Master Food Preservers. (Photo: Lynn Ketchum)

Master Food Preservers operate hotline in summer and early fall

Home food preservation is popular in Oregon. A growing segment of the population wish to consume foods produced locally, or control the contents of their food, or reduce waste, or prepare for emergencies and reestablish the traditions of food preservation in their family.

But misinformation related to food preservation is widely available, particularly from electronic sources. There are deadly risks if foods are preserved in unsafe ways. With the goal of providing safe, research-based information to the community, OSU Extension Service remains the most trusted and reliable source of food preservation instructions and recipes in the state. That is why well-trained, certified Master Food Preserver volunteers are essential. 

Master Food Preservers in OSU Extension provide current, research-based food safety and preservation information for Oregonians.

An eight-week training course prepares volunteers to assist Oregon State University faculty across the state with workshops, staffing information tables at events and farmers’ markets, and answering the Food Safety and Preservation Hotline – (800) 354-7319 – which operates between July 10 and Oct 13.

In 2016, nearly 400 Master Food Preservers contributed more than 21,000 hours of volunteer time. Along with faculty, they responded to 2,760 phone calls.  More than 5,000 people attended demonstrations and workshops, while nearly 23,000 stopped by information booths, exhibits and displays at community events and farmers’ markets.  Combined, faculty, staff and volunteers reached 36,367 Oregonians in 2016.

Master Food Preserver training programs are offered each spring in many counties. For current food preservation information, or to locate the program closest to you, visit this website or contact a local extension office.

Source: Jeanne Brandt, OSU Extension Food Preservation Programs

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