Research and Extension’s Impact

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Agricultural research brought more than $55 million to Oregon in 2010
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Research and Extension fuel Oregon's economic engine:
  • Agricultural research brought more than $55 million to Oregon in 2010, leveraging 2.0 outside dollars for every state dollar invested
  • Forest research brought $18.8 million to Oregon in 2010, leveraging 6.0 outside dollars for every state dollar invested
  • Extension programs brought $36 million in outside funding to Oregon in 2009, leveraging 1.72 outside dollars for every state dollar invested
  • Last year alone, the Statewides effectively doubled state investments by generating more than $82 million in external research grants. These grants provided $190 million in economic benefits in Oregon, creating 2,000 family wage jobs across the state
  • The Agricultural Experiment Station and Forest Research Laboratory serve as the research and development arm for commercial ventures that deliver more than $45 billion to Oregon’s annual Gross State Product.
  • The Statewides create and transfer innovative products and processes that help Oregon businesses compete in global markets
  • The Statewides directly serve eight industry clusters identified in the Oregon Business Plan: Agriculture, Food Processing, Forestry and Wood Products, Nurseries, Tourism and Hospitality, Energy Efficiency, Green Building and Development, and Bioscience.


Public Service is a state wide mission for Oregon's Land Grant University.

How we have helped:

  • Statewides contribute to community and family well being. Annually over 18,000 volunteers contribute over 2 million hours of their time to OSU Extension, the equivalent of more than 1,000 full-time employees.  They are reaching more than 2 million Oregonians with problem-solving knowledge – including one in five K-12 youth
  • Extension trained 18,000 volunteers who contributed service to the state 
  • More than 100,000 school children are engaged in 4-H activities statewide. Program areas receiving emphasis are healthy living, civic engagement and science
  • Extension-trained Master Gardeners have contributed service worth over $4 million, helping people grow their own food and sustainable landscapes
  • 1,200 research and extension publications are available in print or online to help Oregonians live better and work more effectively
  • Research has encouraged the growth of community-based farmers markets, which grew from 18 a decade ago to more than 120 statewide in 2010
  • Extension Tree School has helped thousands of people manage economically and ecologically Oregon’s 4.5 million acres of private timberland
  • In-school and after-school nutrition programs teach 57,419 Oregon school children how to choose, prepare, and enjoy healthy meals
  • A research/Extension project on re-use of wastewater from food processing for irrigation is saving growers over $1 million a year and keeping millions of pounds of nitrogen out of the waste stream
  • More than 2 million Oregonians participated in an Extension program or contacted Extension for information in 2010


Oregon's natural resource industries contribute billions to Oregon's economy:


  • Oregon agricultural products alone earned $4.1billion farm-gate value in 2009
  • Oregon is one of the nation’s most diverse agricultural producers, with more than 225 commodities, and more than 80 of them earning over a $1 million in sales
  • 27% of Oregon’s acreage is farmland


  • Oregon forest sector generated about $22 billion in economic value in 2009
  • Forest sector provides direct and indirect employment for about 120,000 people, and provides $4.7 billion in payroll
  • Forest sector wages average 10% higher than Oregon’s average wage level
  • 48% of Oregon’s land area is forest
  • 70,000 people own 10 acres or more Oregon forestland
  • One third of Oregon’s forestland is managed as reserves for environmental, habitat, or scenic values
  • Oregon is the nation’s leading producer of soft-wood, providing 20 percent of the market

Commercial Fishing

  • Commercial fishing in Oregon generated an estimated economic value of $175 million in 2009
  • Oregon’s fishing fleet landed a catch worth $104 million in 2009
  • Oregon’s fishing industry provided about 12,000 part- and full-time jobs in 2009
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