Statewide programs solve problems and improve lives: here’s how it works

Integration: OSU’s statewide faculty are members of college faculties and work closely with academic and research colleagues. They confer with faculty in other disciplines to fully explore several dimensions of a problem. With research and Extension faculty across OSU colleges—from public health to veterinary medicine to forestry—the statewide programs take a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. Many faculty in statewide programs teach college courses, allowing students to experience real-world application of cutting-edge research.

Collaboration: OSU’s statewide programs convene the most powerful ideas among partners across the state. They work closely with community leaders to identify issues of public concern and engage community discussion of issues. Because of OSU’s remarkable collaborative culture, all statewide faculty have access to OSU’s strong research engine. And they work closely with state and federal agency partners, many in shared facilities, so that the best minds are put to work solving the most pressing problems and effectively testing solutions.

Capacity building: OSU’s statewide faculty don’t merely parachute into a community to study a problem, then leave their science at the doorstep for others to interpret and implement. OSU statewide faculty live and work in communities where they have long-term commitments to build capacity for health, education, and job creation. They work with local partners to identify problems as they emerge, then frame researchable questions and engage learners—students, partners, participants—in research-based investigations. As statewide researchers investigate problems, they create new, useful knowledge that is tested in college classrooms and in the field. Extension faculty, in turn, share those tested discoveries with the public and increase access to new knowledge in a way that helps inform decision-making at all levels.

For such engagement with communities beyond the borders of its campuses, OSU was awarded the “Community Engagement” designation by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.


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