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The Incredible Egg

4-H Classroom Curriculum Guide for Grade Level 4-5

4-H 1500
Reprinted March 2006

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The Incredible Egg – entire publication (1.8 MB)

Introduction (156 KB)

Lesson 1: The Inside Story – Science/Language Arts (232 KB)

Lesson 2: Nutrition – Science/Health/Math (364 KB)

Lesson 3: Embryology – Science/Language Arts/Math (584 KB)

Lesson 4: Experiments – Science (144 KB)

Appendix and References (320 KB)

The Incredible Egg program was funded by private gifts made to the Oregon 4-H Foundation, and is a product of a grant funded by the Meyer Memorial Trust. The publication was adapted with permission from the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service in 1996 and approved for online delivery in March 2006.

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