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The Wonderful World of Wood

Unit II Member Manual

4-H 4422
Reprinted September 2006

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4-H 4422-a
Opportunities for Learning and Doing
Work Safely

4-H 4422-b
Trees, Forests, and Forest Products

4-H 4422-c
Learning to Use Wood
How to Use the Grid System

4-H 4422-d
Woodworking Tools
   Steel Tape and Folding Rule
   Scratch Awl
   Combination Square
   Pencil Compass
   Hand Saws

4-H 4422-e
Woodworking Tools (continued)
   Power Saws
   Tools for Boring Holes in Wood
   Hand Drill
   Wood Screws
   Oscillating Sander

4-H 4422-f  Woodworking Plans
4-H Key Holder
Cutting Board
The Shifting Pyramid Game

4-H 4422-g  Woodworking Plans (continued)
Bird House
4-H Book Ends

4-H 4422-h  Woodworking Plans (continued)
Foot Stool
Book Rack
Tool Box

4-H 4422-i

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