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4-H Wood Science

Leader Guide

4-H 442L
Reprinted September 2006

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4-H 442L-a

4-H 442L-b
Working With Young People
Program Division and Project Records
Your Job as a Leader

4-H 442L-c
Basic Information About Wood
Tools and Machines
Safety Tips for Using Working Tools, Machines, and Processes

4-H 442L-d Appendices I-VI
Criteria for Judging Projects Made from Wood
Appendix I Judging Score Card
Appendix II Nail Driving Activity
Appendix III Wood Products, Tools, and Fasteners Identification Activity
Appendix IV Hand Sawing Efficiency Activity
Appendix V Measuring Activity
Appendix VI Wood Finishing Activity

4-H 442L-e Appendices VII-X
Appendix VII Wood Knowledge Contest
Appendix VIII Exhibit Ideas
Appendix IX Wood Science and Wood Scientists
Appendix X Suggested Wood Science Experiments

4-H 442L-f Appendix XI – Suggested Plans for Woodworking Projects
Nine Block Puzzle
Bed for Dog or Cat
Nail & Tool Box
Firewood Basket
Lawn Stool

4-H 442L-g Appendix XI – Suggested Plans for Woodworking Projects (continued)
Revolving Tie Rack

4-H 442L-h Appendix XI – Suggested Plans for Woodworking Projects (continued)
Shop Tool Rack & Shelf
Shadow Box
Picnic Table with Bench

4-H 442L-i Appendix XI – Suggested Plans for Woodworking Projects (continued)
Planting Box
Portable Shelving

4-H 442L-j
Reference Materials

4-H 442L-k

4-H 442L-l
Project Record

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