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Foods of the Pacific Northwest

Project 1—Member's Manual

4-H 9311
Reprinted October 2005

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Pages 1–4 —Introduction and Table of Contents
Pages 5–7 —Unit 1: Fresh Fruit for Snacks
Pages 8–12 —Unit 2: Wheat for Extra Good Cookies
Pages 13–17 —Unit 3: Potatoes with Pizzazz
Pages 18–22 —Unit 4: Fruits Are Fabulous
Pages 23–27 —Unit 5: Meaty Main Dish with Zest
Pages 28–30 —Unit 6: Milk—A Special Food in a New Way
Pages 31–35 —Unit 7: Bountiful Beans
Pages 36–40 —Unit 8: Vegetables for Variety
Pages 41–43 —Unit 9: Sharing What You Know
Pages 44–46 —Experiment Results and Food Guide Pyramid

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