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Series #: WEED

Title: 2014 PNW Weed Management Handbook (View it now)

Publication date: 6/1/2014

Length: 602 pages


A comprehensive guide to weed management in the Pacific Northwest. Covers biological weed control agents, pesticide safety and disposal, agrichemicals and their properties, and control of problem weeds. Contains sections on weed control in cereal grain crops; grass seed crops; forage and seed crops; legumes; oilseed crops; irrigated field crops; aquatics; forestry and hybrid cottonwoods; orchards and vineyards; small fruits; vegetable crops; vegetable seed crops; Christmas trees; nursery, greenhouse, and bulb crops; professional landscape maintenance; turfgrass; home landscapes and gardens; pasture and rangeland; and noncropland and right-of-way. In each section, products are listed along with application rates, timing, and other remarks. Includes a glossary, conversion tables, chemical application calculations, and a full index.

The handbook is updated periodically throughout the year. Individual articles are revised once a year; revision dates are listed at the beginning of each section.

The following handbook sections contain content updated in June 2014: Cereal Grain Crops; Forage and Seed Crops; Legumes; Irrigated Field Crops; Forestry and Hybrid Cottonwoods; Non-Cropland and Right-of-Way; Control of Problem Weeds

The handbook is 3-ring binder ready, published as a package with full-color slip cover and spine and 3-hole drilled body. Binder not included.

Price: $60.00

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