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Series # Title Price
SR 1023-E Nutrient Loading of Surface Waters in the Upper Klamath Basin: Agricultural and Natural Sources (available only from Klamath Experiment Station, 541-883-4596) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1044-E Insects and Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production Fields in the Pacific Northwest (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1064-E Outcrossing Potential of Brassica Species and Implications for Vegetable Crucifer Seed Crops of Growing Oilseed Brassicas in the Willamette Valley (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1091-E 2009 Dryland Agricultural Research Annual Report (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1093-E Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center 2008 Annual Report (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1094-E Malheur Experiment Station Annual Report 2008 (available online and from Malheur Experiment Station, 541-889-2174) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1097-E Successful onion irrigation scheduling (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00

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